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"An almost religous experience"

Tom Ford gets to grips with the Eagle Speedster in Miami

It's difficult to précis this article, so we thought we'd accompany some of James Lipman's extraordinary photography with some of Tom's quotes. You can read the full article in this month's Top Gear Magazine which is available now.

The nose is less a bonnet and more a prow: eager, immense and beautiful. Launches like a proverbial scalded cat.

The finest interpretation of the character of old with the usability of new I have ever come across. There's instant reaction to the throttle, a crash of induction and then delicious, mechanical roar.

The most attention grabbing car in Miami. Drive the Eagle and you become instantly famous and universally adored. The world's most incredible automotive humblebrag.

A car you drive for the sheer hell of it, get up early for, possibly just sit and look at. When you get out of something wishing you could really own it, keep it forever and hand it down to your kids. It's not quite a religious experience but it comes damn close.

The London Classic Car Show - a great success!

We were delighted by the success of the 1st London Classic Car Show. 

It was great to see many of our current clients, and the whole show was stacked with celebrities and us normal folk too, enjoying a wonderful selection of classic marques and some brilliant displays. Martin Brundle was kept busy with questions about his career, and his E-Type, and it was great to welcome some famous names to our stand, including James May.

Next year promises to be even bigger and better, with the floor area increasing by 50% due to demand. It's starting to look like London may have gained it's equivalent of Retromobile or the Essen Techno-Classica. We have booked our stand for 2016 already -  so we'll see you there.

The beautiful Eagle 25 sold over the weekend too!

The Eagle Speedster reviewed by John McLaren for Germanys VOX TV Auto Mobil show.

John McLaren commissioned Eagle E-Type No.1 over twenty years ago. He visited us recently in that very first Eagle - enabling a direct comparison between the very first and our latest evolutions - the Eagle Speedster.

Eagle at the London Classic Car Show

Eagle will be strongly featured at the London Classic Car Show that's taking place at EXCEL in London between the 8th and 11th January 2015.  We'll be featuring a full selection of E-Types including the Eagle E-Type, the 'one of a kind' Eagle Low Drag GT and a certain Top Gear presenters favourite car - the Eagle Speedster.

The Eagle E-Type (a 1966 4.2 Roadster) will be driving the Grand Avenue, and there will be plenty of fine examples of 'the most beautiful car ever made' you can feast your eyes on - including Martin Brundle's Eagle E-Type.

We'll see you there!

The video from the visit by Automoto, the  popular French motoring programme has gone live.

Presenter Jean-Pierre Gagick and camera man Davide Beaucaire flew over from Paris for two days of shooting - with a beautiful sunny day at Beachy Head to start followed by another day down here at Eagle. For those who don't speak French it's still an interesting look 'behind the scenes' and then there's that engine note...

Forty years ago on the 12th of June 1974 production of the Jaguar E-Type ended and this remarkable Roadster was one of just a handful to have been built on that very day. 

The last 50 E-Type chassis were earmarked as special Commemorative editions to celebrate the model’s longevity, sales success and cultural impact. Each was identical, made with right-hand drive, with Roadster bodies and finished in a distinctive Black paintwork over Cinnamon leather. Of the 50 Commemoratives this particular example was number 45 and, as such, the sixth to last E-Type ever made.

For us at Eagle it is thoroughly exciting to be able to offer this historically important Commemorative, which is quite possibly the latest example on the open market.

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John McLaren & Eagle on German Television

Phil Heimlich from the German television channel VOX has been over at Eagle doing a story for the popular Auto Mobil programme. They spent some time filming the workshops and showrooms but predominantly focused on British author John McLaren arriving in his car, Eagle E-Type No.1, and then test driving the Speedster as if he was a potential buyer.

John is a key fixture in the history of Eagle. When he first visited us in 1991, he owned a 'conventionally restored' E-type from elsewhere but was disappointed. He asked if we could restore him an E-Type without compromise - and upgrade it to be more reliable with increased performance. This was Eagle E-Type No.1.

Jean-Pierre Gagick and camera man Davide Beaucaire flew over from Paris for Automoto -the most popular motoring programme in France. See more here.

Around and about Eagle in April 2014

The world of Eagle E-Types

Behind the scenes and across the world!

An E-Type with the benefit of hindsight? Every sweeping, snarling, gorgeous inch of it.

Andrew Frankel, Autocar, March 2014

The Low Drag GT

Low Drag, High Expectations

A glimpse behind the scenes!

As part of the amazing publicity that the Eagle Low Drag GT has generated since the launch, there's been photoshoots happening all over England.

Sometimes the 'snaps' taken during a shoot are just as interesting as the final images used in magazines and websites. Here's a few to give you an insight...

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The Eagle Speedster
Top Gear

Top Gear 'Best of British'

The Speedster joins some splendid icons on The Mall in London

Only Top Gear could assemble such an incredible array of machinery in front of Buckingham Palace.

We were there with the Eagle Speedster and we got some great 'behind the scenes' images that we think you'll enjoy...

See the images

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