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The Eagle Low Drag GT

Commission your own Eagle Low Drag GT

At Eagle, we've spent the last thirty years working exclusively on 'the most beautiful car in the world' as Enzo Ferrari described the Jaguar E-Type.

Our passion has led us to develop a range of upgrades and improvements that make the beautiful original more forgiving to use in the modern world. This approach has culminated in the development of the Eagle Speedster, which has won plaudits around the world.

Famously described by Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear as 'the most beautiful thing in the world', the Speedster offers lightness, performance and stunning looks that redefine what an E-Type can be. 

Now we're delighted to present the Low Drag GT - a grand tourer in the true sense of the word. Benefiting from the technical, practical and aesthetic improvements of the Speedster, the Low Drag GT has the long legs and high performance to take you wherever you wish - in some considerable style.

A testament to the beauty of the original Jaguar E-Type Low Drag Coupe, we have added practical improvements including a more spacious cockpit, recirculating air-conditioning, a long-range fuel cell and of course our legendary attention to detail throughout.

The creators of the ultimate E-Type can now offer you the ultimate Grand Tourer - bespoke, exclusive and utterly thrilling to drive.

It doesn’t so much turn heads as threaten to snap them clean off the necks of their owners.

Chris Evans, Mail on Sunday