​Low Drag GT​Creation




The creation of the Eagle Low Drag GT was to be a testament to the vision of Malcolm Sayer, and would embody every facet of what we have learned over our thirty year focus on the Jaguar E-Type

The development of the Eagle Speedster had shown that with the right focus, some inspiration and a lot of man-hours, an outstanding E-Type could be developed. We wanted to match or surpass the results we had achieved.

Built for touring, from the very first sketch we designed it to have the 'long legs' and comfort of a European GT. Performance from the Eagle all-aluminium 4.7 litre XK engine with our sequential fuel injection system would offer high torque, long distance cruising ability and of course, an exceptionally thrilling drive. Electric speed-sensitive power steering, an aluminium differential casing an magnesium peg drive 16 inch wheels would also feature.

Practicality would abound with a 5-speed transmission, long range fuel cell, and a luxurious air-conditioned and insulated interior full of bespoke details. Flush-mounted heated glass would feature front and rear, and the large boot would offer plenty of room for the weekend bags.

Weight was planned at 1038kg - offering the same power-to-weight ratio as a new Porsche 911 Turbo.

Behind the Scenes - Building the Low Drag GT

It’s the sort of car that makes otherwise sane men wonder how much they could get for one of their kidneys

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