​Eagle E-Type​Eagle E-Type Options

Our fully bespoke service offers an impressive range of options to precisely suit you, your driving style and what you want to achieve. In many ways it's like buying a really good suit - it should fit you perfectly.

The Classic Upgrade

An Eagle is tailored to offer maximum reliability, durability and versatility while adhering as faithfully as possible to the original specification and feel of the classic E-Type.

Initially we concentrate on the rectification of what can be considered the most suitable areas for improvement. We deploy our bespoke Eagle-mapped electronic ignition system, a modern electronic fuel pump conversion and our uprated cooling system that includes improved fans. We add bespoke wiring and reliable modern switching. We fit improved brakes and enhance handling with Koni shock absorbers and wider 6-inch wheels are fitted with modern tyres.

A stainless steel exhaust system is added as well as enhanced heating and demisting. More powerful headlamps complete the initial 'basic' specification.

Grand Touring

Some drivers feel that they want enhanced capability in all road conditions - if for instance they want to use their E-Type as a touring car.

Over and above the 'basics' we can enhance further the driving dynamics of your E-Type on the road through a range of engine, fuel system and further electrical improvements, together with improved spring rates and anti-roll bars. Braking, steering and cooling systems are also further uprated, along with many other comfort and safety options.

In all road conditions, the car is more sure-footed, with no loss of ride suppleness. Steering feedback is more positive, stopping distances are shortened, and with the addition of our own 5-speed gearbox, your perfect touring E-Type is born.

Sports Touring

Further enhanced performance is important to some clients, as well as high speed cornering ability, enhanced chassis communication and more powerful braking.

Revised suspension geometry and steering set up help with the high speed cornering. We can add our custom designed and built reclining sports seats, an individually mapped ignition system, sport camshafts and a big valve cylinder head. A further enhanced cooling system is available, as well as a massively efficient braking system

Going further...

We can take your Eagle into 'supercar' performance territory. 

Stiffer suspension settings contribute to cornering, with highly advanced, custom-built dampers maintaining ride comfort. Cross-drilled and vented AP Racing brakes bring powerful and precise braking aided by the latest tyre technologies. An increase in power of 50% compared with the original results in breathtaking acceleration, with handling and braking to match.

...and beyond

Our bespoke service offers an impressive range of further options to precisely suit you.

Upgrades to the screen wiper, washer and de-misting systems

Hidden security and in-car entertainment packages

A compact recirculating air conditioning system, beautifully integrated and detailed.

Speed-sensitive, ECU-managed electric power steering that lightens the steering without losing feel

A huge variety of under-bonnet and interior detail options all created and fitted in-house by our team of dedicated craftsmen

The Eagle Lightweight E-Type aluminium cylinder block taken out to 4.7 litres with lightweight Eagle 4.7 crankshaft pistons and con rods

Bespoke fully-mapped ECU-controlled modern fuel injection system

The Eagle 5-speed gearbox conversion incorporating synchromesh on reverse gear and a choice of ratios

Rear axle ratio options for more relaxed touring

Uprated rear caliper and vented brake disc conversions

Full aluminium or even magnesium rear axle casing to further reduce weight

The above options are only a fraction of the bespoke possibilities available. We offer our clients the ultimate flexibility and access to our many years of E-Type development experience.