​Eagle E-Type​Eagle Jaguar E-Type Reactions

After all the painstaking care and attention to each and every stage of planning, construction and assembly, you have your Eagle E-Type - the most exclusive handbuilt car in the world.

It may look like a piece of art,  but it should always be remembered that an Eagle is built with one purpose in mind – to be driven.

"I've now had my Eagle for 16 years. I spare it the winters, but it takes in its stride all the other three seasons can throw at it, at home and abroad.

I've never owned a mechanical possession which brought me such profound satisfaction. Driving it is every bit the real E-type experience, just more so. If that sounds odd, think of listening to a 1960s Oscar Peterson or Vladimir Ashkenazy recording on a Dansette. Now try it on a modern high-end valve system. The notes don't change, there's even that old reassuring hiss, but the music's alive now, vivid, the full potential unleashed.It's the driving that matters, of course, but the appreciative comments don't hurt.

One day recently I had three - a white van man who yelled "totally jealous", two cheery street drunks, McEwan's tinnies in hand, who assured me slurringly that it was simply the best car they'd ever seen, and, in slow moving traffic, a red bus driver monitoring a gent just ahead in a new Bentley GT whose eyes were clearly glued to the image in his wing mirror of my Eagle. "Poor bastard", said the bus driver. "Now he knows he got the wrong car "

John McLaren, London, England Eagle No.1


"I approached the team at Eagle with a simple brief, to build an E Type that combined the elegance and simplicity of the original car, with the reliability, performance and handling that we now take for granted in a modern supercar.

The build process was an experience in itself which gave me a true appreciation for the attention to detail and sheer quality of workmanship that goes into creating an "Eagle" E type. The ability to tailor the result to one's own driving desires is immensely satisfying. The final result has surpassed all my expectations. I wanted an E Type that could be driven through France in comfort and with confidence. I got an E Type that gave 15 modern supercars a run for their money on a 2500 mile rally across France, and ended up winning "Best Car" after 5 days of hard driving through glorious countryside and alpine passes."

Graham Clempson, Henley, England. Eagle 4.7 SuperSport


"It is a spectacular car and dazzled all who saw it! I enjoyed a wonderful 4-day road trip down the coast and back to Monterey for the various races and concours.

The E-type was superb, just superb. It is in its element, blasting down the Pacific coast highways. I can easily see the superb degree of fit and finish you are known for, and I appreciate all your efforts. I look forward to actually meeting you one day over here or there. My heartfelt thanks."

Roger Hoffman, California, USA 4.7 Lightweight Coupe


My experience with Eagle over the years has been a complete pleasure because of the outstanding automobile they produce and the professionalism of Henry and his team.

My Eagle E-type never fails to impress both the experts and the novices here in the United States who don't get to see these beauties very often. I look forward to a long and happy relationship with Eagle.

Incidentally, other than routine maintenance my total repairs expense for the past seven years is $84.

Bob Calhoun, Connecticut, USA Eagle GT


Jeremy Clarkson was right, this really is the car of the century, but which is it to be? Roadster or Coupe?

I couldn't make up my mind - so I had Eagle build me both, and I still can't make up my mind! Why don't you ask Eagle what they can do for you? You may be poorer in the pocket as a result but the smile on your face when you own and drive one of their magnificently built cars will last forever.

Simply the best and nothing beats it!

Chris Bonsall, Hong Kong, Eagle Roadster Sport & GT Coupe