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The Classic Upgrade Package offers enhanced reliability, durability and usability whilst adhering as faithfully as possible to the specification & feel of the original E-Type.

Typically, the Classic Upgrade Package would include the following:

Bespoke electronic ignition system and high specification plug leads

Modernised fuel system

Modernised cooling system with powerful fan and uprated thermo-switch

Corrosion proof coolant tank and long life hoses

High specification brake lines

Adjustable Koni suspension

Electrical system and component upgrades

Stainless steel exhaust system with uprated mountings

Wider wheels with stainless spokes and modern tyres

High specification battery and mounting platform

The price for the Classic Upgrade Package is typically around £12,500 ex VAT, dependent on the subject E-Type.

Please remember, our upgrade options are exclusive to clients acquiring an E-Type from Eagle.