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When added to both the Classic and GT specification the Sport retains the 'Grand Touring' capability but further enhances capability, road holding, change of direction and braking performance.

This is achieved through revised suspension geometry and steering set up which complement today’s high performance tyres. The ride remains comfortable, but there is increased chassis communication and the car adopts a purposeful stance courtesy of the extra-wide wire wheels. 

Typically, the Sports Upgrade Package would include the following:

Revised suspension positioning front and rear

Spherical jointed rear radius arm conversion

Billet aluminium steering mounts and revised steering arms

High ratio steering rack

Aluminium 4 piston brake calipers and oversize rear calipers with vented discs

Sport specification brake pads

Fabricated engine mounts to allow for extra loadings

Gated engine sump baffles to prevent oil surge under braking and cornering

Polished stainless steel tubular exhaust manifolds

Larger bore stainless steel exhaust system and heat shields

Extra wide wire wheels with stainless steel spokes and appropriate tyres

High output headlights with special looms and relays

The price for the Sport Upgrade Package is typically around £21,500 ex VAT, dependent on the subject E-Type.

This is over and above the Classic Upgrade Package + GT Upgrade Package price.

Please remember, our upgrade options are exclusive to clients acquiring an E-Type from Eagle.