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Our latest evolution of fully programmed engine management.

Our sequential fuel injection installation has received a major revamp and the resulting system using Pectel ECU allows the classic Jaguar XK engine to run more smoothly and efficiently than ever before.

The ignition and fueling are adjusted by the finest degree throughout the entire range by mapping genius, Julian Godfrey, and spark timing and fuelling is precisely metered referring to data processed from every relevant physical aspect.

Air temperature

Water temperature

Exhaust oxygen

Crankshaft position

Cam position

Throttle position

Manifold pressure

Air pressure

The ECU is a special fully programmable commission from Pectel to operate the six cylinder engine.

The fuel supply system is neat and unobtrusive and uses a Bosch pump - the reliability benchmark. Ultimate performance is further exploited by our ram air system that forces cold air through the high flow filter and into the huge carbon fibre plenum chamber. The six throttle bodies are effectively being pressure charged at higher speeds.

We have also incorporated an air bypass valve to ensure a perfect idle at all times including cold starting.

The end result is that  the engine is operating at the most efficient level possible which consequently extracts maximum power, smoothness and economy despite temperature, elevation or any other ambient changes.