Jaguar E-Type Restoration

Since being formed back in 1982, Eagle have worked fanatically, obsessively, with total dedication to just one model - The Jaguar E-Type, and are proud to be considered as the unrivalled leader in their field worldwide for Jaguar E-Type restoration.

This has been achieved by strictly limiting the company to a team of a dozen focused and passionate craftsmen - all experts in their respective fields - with each member accepting only perfection as the standard. 

In addition to producing the world’s ultimate Jaguar E-Type restoration - the ultra-exclusive Eagle E-Type, the group also played their part in bringing together - and offering for sale – the finest selection of Jaguar E-Types under one roof, all meticulously prepared to Eagle’s legendary no-compromise standard.

This extreme focus has resulted in Eagle being commissioned to sympathetically restore one of the most important and original E-Types in existence, the ex Roy Salvadori Lightweight E-Type 86 PJ. It has subsequently been nominated for the ‘Restoration of the Year’ award at the prestigious 2006 Stoneleigh Historic Motorcar Show.

The E-Type Restoration Specialists

We also restored one of the earliest and most original cars remaining, ex demonstrator 260 PPO – now regularly seen at many shows on America’s west coast – and in 1995, the famed ex works press car, JDU 877E, which is now residing in Malaysia. These projects, together with Jaguar themselves, who trust in us to look after ’77 RW’, the original launch E-Type, firmly endorses us as the best E-Type restoration company in the World.

Eagle are probably best known for their skill in E-Type modification and minimising the weak points of the original car, from minor but telling adjustments to dramatic enhancements, illustrated, for example, when an Eagle won a modern supercar rally to Monaco on its maiden - 2,500 mile – trip, stunning the Porsche Turbo and Ferrari 430 owners who eventually pulled over to let it by!

Over the past 15 years, Eagle have developed a huge range of over 100 "Eagle Engineered" upgrade options, offered in a range of menus available exclusively to owners of Jaguar E-types supplied by Eagle.This has opened up a whole new world of confidence and capability, not normally associated with owning a classic car, and Eagle continues to look at ways of introducing any new technology that will be of relevant benefit, so long as it does not take away the heart and DNA of the original car.

Whilst Eagle were participating on the Jaguar factory Geneva tour, commemorating the E-Types’ 40th anniversary, the Director of the Jaguar and Daimler Heritage Trust summarised Eagle, and our E-Type modification, as keeping the E-type up to date - as if it had remained in production - whilst staying totally loyal to the original concept and design.

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