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Key Features
  • No.8 of 36 Eagle E-Types built
    Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘Car of The Century’

  • EVO Magazine 5-star car
    SuperSport Specification

  • Maintained by Eagle since our restoration
    Fabulous and popular colours

Eagle E-Type No.8 – Commissioned to a very high specification, known to and maintained by us since.

  • Commissioned as a full restoration Eagle E-Type in the first week of 1998, Eagle E-Type No.8 was certainly the best way for the discerning owner to kick-start the New Year.

    Although originally specified to a high spec’, the owner thoroughly enjoyed the process of tailoring his perfect E-type and made numerous additions to the options list throughout the course of the restoration. As such No.8 emerged from our workshops with our ultimate SuperSport specification.

    The extensive list of upgrades, which can be seen in full below, includes uprated cooling, brakes, suspension, engine internals and electronics. As a result this E-Type is fantastically capable, much safer and (most importantly) thoroughly enjoyable to drive.

  • This was certainly the opinion of Jeremy Clarkson, who declared this very E-Type his Car of the Century for his millennial television programme. At around the same time EVO magazine echoed Clarkson’s sentiments in a road test against the then new Aston Martin DB7 Volante, which Eagle No.8 naturally won.

    A decade on from commissioning No.8 the owner reluctantly decided to part ways with the E-Type. (He was recently reunited with the car on a visit to our showrooms and certainly regrets letting it go!) Nonetheless we were more than happy to sell the car for him and it has been with its second owner these last near-10 years.

    Today Eagle E-Type No.8 has covered just 24,197 miles since our full ‘0-miles’ restoration, during which time both owners have entrusted us with its meticulous maintenance and servicing. 

Presented in stunning condition, this Eagle is available immediately and would be the perfect way to kick-start your New Year.



    Sport engine including;

    Big valve unleaded cylinder head with Sports cams

    Stainless valves, bronze guides, uprated tappets and valve springs

    High tensile cylinder head studs

    Fully balanced and lightened engine with harmonic damper

    6 branch tubular stainless steel manifolds

    Large bore stainless steel exhaust system

    Uprated engine mount package and gated baffled sump

    Carbon fibre ram air induction system

    Free flow air filter


    Eagle 5 speed aluminium gearbox

    Uprated clutch

    Touring axle ratio


    Programmed electronic ignition

    High performance high-tension cables and fittings


    GT springs, torsion and anti roll bars

    Adjustable ride height conversion

    Polyurethane suspension bushings

    Sport suspension geometry

    Spherical jointed radius arms

    Ultimate adjustable dampers

    Offset wishbone bushes for rear camber enhancement

    Rose jointed anti roll bar drop links


    High power brake servo and stainless braided flexibles

    Oversize rear calipers and vented discs

    Drilled aluminium brake & clutch pedals

    Ultimate AP drilled and vented front brakes with aluminium calipers

    High performance brake pads


    Brass header tank

    Silicone water hoses and stainless steel clips

    Aluminium radiator

    High power lightweight fan with modern switching


    Modern fuel system with custom carburettor jetting

    Improved filtration and fuel tank sump


    Billet aluminium rack mounts with high ratio steering pinion

    Nardi steering wheel


    Wider chrome wire wheels with stainless steel spokes

    Modern performance tyres 


    High spec charging system

    Lightweight geared starter motor

    High power halogen headlamps

    Modern wiper motor

    High power screen washers

    Uprated brake light switch

    Red Top battery and custom mounting platform

    Battery isolator switch and custom bracket

    Security immobiliser switch

    Electronic rev counter


    Uprated engine frames

    CD Tuner system 

    Stalk type seat belts

    Custom fitted door mirrors

    Locking glove box lid

    Uprated heating and ventilation system

    Fitted luggage

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Every E-Type we sell can be converted to left or right hand drive, and can also benefit from our world-renowned Eagle upgrades. Learn about the Eagle Difference.



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