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​Eagle Classic Coupe


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Key Features

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  • Fully Bespoke
    No Compromise, 4,000-Hour Restoration
    Extensive Options & Upgrades Lists

  • Performance, Comfort and Safety Enhanced
    Uniqueness & Exclusivity Guaranteed
    Renowned As The Best E-Types In The World

  • An Eagle is tailored to offer maximum reliability, durability and versatility while adhering as faithfully as possible to the original specification and feel of the classic E-Type.

Creating an Eagle E-Type takes time – the 4,000 or so hours it takes to build it, and the thirty years of experience needed to do it perfectly. 

  • From selection of the original Jaguar E-Type ‘Donor’ through to engineering, construction, testing and final sign-off, everything is done in-house here at Eagle by our dedicated team of craftsmen and engineers.

    We offer an immense range of possibilities that extend far beyond the selection of body colour, shade of hide, sound systems and cabin detailing – we offer many proprietary options that are generated through our continuous programme of research. These can include our sequential fuel injection system, 4.7 litre aluminium XK engine and even an aluminium differential.

  • The close partnership between each client and Eagle ensures that the final Eagle E-Type is perfectly tailored to their driving style, intended use and personal taste. Each Eagle E-Type is unique and completely bespoke to each customer.

    An Eagle E-Type is rightly seen as the standard by which all others are judged.

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Every E-Type we sell can be converted to left or right hand drive, and can also benefit from our world-renowned Eagle upgrades. Learn about the Eagle Difference.