Jaguar E-Types for Sale from Eagle

As the leading Jaguar E-Type specialist, we believe that the process of buying your E-Type should also be a pleasure and an experience to remember. Our long-term commitment to the satisfaction of our clients ensures that we always endeavour to match the right driver to the right car.

Exclusive Benefits: Where others have finished - we begin.

  • Extensive Work Included

    Every Standard and Enhanced E-Type we sell undergoes a rigorous programme of examination and rectification. It is not unusual for us to spend over 750 hours preparing an E-Type that others would claim as perfect.

  • Unique Eagle Upgrades Access

    Developed over 30 years, our world-renowned Eagle Upgrades can tailor your E-Type to your precise requirements, offering unparalleled reliability, performance and usability.

  • Eagle Service & Support

    Only an E-Type supplied by Eagle qualifies for our unique service and support programme, protecting your investment to the highest possible standards.

Jaguar E-Type Upgrades and Options

Exclusively for E-Types purchased from Eagle, these upgrades have been carefully tailored into a group of packages that will suit different uses and driving styles. Remember of course that you have the option to specify a fully bespoke set of upgrades. We'll work with you and advise throughout the whole process.

  • Eagle Classic Upgrade

    Offers enhanced reliability, durability and usability whilst adhering as faithfully as possible to the specification & feel of the original E-Type.

  • Eagle GT Upgrade

    In conjunction with the Classic package the GT enhancements significantly improve the driving dynamics of the Jaguar E-Type.

  • Eagle Sport Upgrade

    When added to both the Classic and GT specification the Sport retains the 'Grand Touring' capability but further enhances capability, road holding, change of direction and braking performance.

  • Eagle SuperSport Upgrade

    Building on the Sport specification the SuperSport combines the character of the original E-Type with the capabilities of a modern supercar.