​Eagle Speedster

EAGLE Lightweight Speedster

The Eagle Lightweight Speedster - The Results

It started as a request from Dr Rick Velaj from Connecticut - "I want something a bit special". When you are a customer of Eagle E-Types, something special is standard. 
  • A Thrilling Experience

    There's really no other word that describes the feeling of driving the Speedster - it just feels right. From the makers of the most exclusive hand-built car in the world comes a car that redefines the Jaguar E-Type.

  • Perfectly Poised

    The thought and consideration that has gone into this quite extraordinary E-Type is immediately apparent when you're behind the wheel. The wonderfully poised chassis and responsive driver feedback ensures you'll soon feel right at home.

  • Beyond Expectations

    Of course that's the real joy of the Speedster - every drive is something special, and every time you step into the cockpit you know you're driving the ultimate expression of what an E-Type can be.


  • Unique to You

    Each Speedster we develop here at Eagle will be unique, and created  in conjunction with the  individual desires of each customer.

    The Speedster is the most exclusive hand-built car in the world.

I’ve been around cars all my working life and it’s been many moons since a car made the hairs on my arms stand up, but this is the one.

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