Eagle Speedster Reunion

With just 7 Eagle Speedsters currently on the planet it’s rare enough to see one, let alone three together! 

We recently had Speedster No.1 (red) back with us for some service work so we thought this the perfect opportunity for a family photo. Speedster No.7 (green) is the latest to be completed and is currently undergoing road testing with us. The line-up was completed by our Speedster from the Eagle collection. This car is No.2 and is the car that featured in Top Gear, Fast and Furious and the Forza Horizon games.

If you look closely you’ll notice there are a few differences between the cars as they progress from the first version up to the most recent. Additions over the years include practicality features such as windscreen wipers and wing mirrors as well as a slight change in the shape of the headlights.

With the current examples of these cars spread all across the world it may be quite some time before we have the opportunity to get three together again!

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