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The Silver Eagle

Our planned tour in Portugal - the Iberian Eagle - had to be cancelled due to the travel restrictions in place and so an alternative event was arranged for our clients to enjoy an altogether different weekend between June 25th and the 27th.
Superbly planned by our partners Tour De Force, this 'Midsummer Night's Dream' event would be quirky, engaging, but above all - enormous fun. Beginning on the Friday night, everyone met in Hertfordshire at what looked to be a festival site complete with a marquee. Fortunately though accommodation was in supremely comfortable Airstream trailers rather than your typical festival tent. Dinner and drinks around the fire rounded off the first evening in style.

On Saturday our convoy of E-Types headed for Shelsley Walsh - opened exclusively for us to enjoy and everyone took part in taking their Eagle E-Type up the famous hill climb - some doing it multiple times as it's such a great experience. Then it was onward to Kentchurch Court for lunch and a guided tour by the owner. An astonishingly beautiful house, the site has been in the owner's family for a thousand years with the original structures being replaced over the years. Part of the 14th century gate and tower remain, with the rest of the house rebuilt at the end of the 17th century.

Back at camp it was time to change for dinner, and then we were all collected and taken into the woods close by, where we heard the sounds of a piano and could see fairy lights through the trees. Arriving at a small clearing there was a Land Rover bar, plentiful canapés and a pianist in full evening wear setting the scene. A short stroll on and we were at Crumpleberry for a superb dinner and an experience that we can heartily recommend.

Then it was back to the camp for drinks around the fire.

After a leisurely breakfast the next morning we drove through the beautiful Cotswolds to Cornbury Park and lunch with the owners David and Fiona Howde. We were joined by their neighbour Jeremy Clarkson and his partner Lisa and a splendid time was had by all.

We thank Duncan and Verity Milligan of Tour de Force for putting on a such a great event for our owners. It was a unique experience and a huge success greatly enjoyed by all.
Eagle: Masters Of The Jaguar E-Type - a film by Petrolicious
Top Gear magazine's Chris Harris drives the Eagle Low Drag GT in this brilliant 'Restomod' feature. Pictures by Mark Riccioni.
  • "This thing is so good looking, so shapely and muscular – such a clever mash-up of Sixties cool and modern muscle car. And it’s sensational to drive too. The racing world has been squeezing 400bhp from these in-line sixes for years now, but in a lightweight road car the effect is even more dramatic. 

    This isn’t a B-road hustler – it’s a missile you point in the general direction of Cannes and allow the prow to guide itself there on the finest N-roads in France"

  • "Because of the way it’s geared third is absolutely devastating, easily a match for the Singer and even in the company of a Colombo V12, this is definitely the best sounding car here. Eagle has somehow managed to make this thing feel like it is worth the asking price. 

    As I did in each of these stunning objects, I stepped out of the Eagle, looked back at it and wondered what new-ish car I would rather have for the money. A Porsche 918? Not a chance."

  • "The one that enhances the original. Based around an original E-type chassis and as many salvaged parts as possible it may be, but no Jaguar E-type ever left the factory looking, feeling or driving remotely as good as this. 

    Low Drag body is 2,500 hours of work alone, complete car takes around 8,000 hours. Restoration taken to new heights."

  • Octane's Unique Eagle Test - E-Type Evolved

    Octane feature Eagle - and test the Eagle E-Type, Speedster, Low Drag and Lightweight GT.

    With words by Robert Coucher and photography by Paul Harmer this brilliant article takes an in-depth look at Eagle and the models that have made us the world leaders in E-Type restoration. 

    Read the article

  • The Eagle Lightweight GT wins at The Historic Motoring Awards 2020

    We're delighted to announce that the Lightweight GT has been awarded 'Bespoke Car of the Year' at the 2020 Historic Motoring Awards, up against some amazing competition. We're thrilled - and this comes on top of Henry Pearman winning the 'Personal Achievement' award in 2019.

    You can see the full list of winners across all categories here.

CAR magazine celebrates their first 700 issues and have picked the 7 best cars from all of those featured over the years - and the Eagle Low Drag GT is there.
  • "This heartbreakingly gorgeous homage...with a reliable 345bhp, brakes that work and every part, visible and otherwise, finessed to a perfection that period Jaguar could never have approached, Eagle's reboot of the oldest car here has a far better chance against the moderns than the orginal would."

  • "The E-Type surprised. In its Eagle guise, it's an astonishingly capable car and yet has all the appeal of a '60s old timer. It is surely the most beautiful car here and the most charming."

  • "On its high-profile tyres and narrow track it drifts and dances around the entirely E-Type-appropriate Goodwood circuit, more nervous but no less controllable than its newer and more planted rivals. And that view over the long power-bulged and louvred bonnet is one of motoring's greatest."

  • The Eagle Lightweight GT is Clarkson's Supercar of the Year in the Sunday Times.

    We're delighted to announce that the Lightweight GT has gathered more praise in the Sunday Times and has been voted 'Supercar of the Year'.  As Jeremy Clarkson notes:

    "Remember the Speedster? The most beautiful thing made in all human history? That was one of Eagle's. And now it's done it again."

    See his original review here

  • Octane feature Eagle - and test the Eagle E-Type, Speedster, Low Drag and Lightweight GT.

    In Octane this month you can read Robert Coucher's brilliant article about Eagle and find out his views on four of our Special Editions. 

    With wonderful photography by Paul Harmer it's very much worth getting hold of a copy!

Henry Catchpole's view on the new Eagle Lightweight GT via Carfection
Building The World's Most Beautiful Car by Carfection
Andrew Frankel reviews the Eagle Lightweight GT for MSN

1st July 2020

It’s been a while since I’ve sat in a car at the end of a drive for quite so long.

We’d only been on the road for 30 or 40 miles, but what a road it had been. And because the Eagle E-Type Lightweight GT is hewn from so many different metals—steel, aluminum, magnesium and titanium—all contracting at different rates as the car cooled down, the accompanying symphony of tinks, plinks, fizzes, and whizzes was fascinating.

As is the car itself. An evocation of the original lightweight E-Type (of which 12 were made in 1963, raced most notably by Briggs Cunningham but never able to keep up with a well-driven Ferrari 250 GTO), it is the latest in a line of recreated E-Types by Eagle, following its Low Drag Coupe, Spyder GT, and Speedster. If you don’t know these guys, they are to the E-type what Singer is to the Porsche 911. In other words, the best at what they do.

In any given year Eagle will complete no more than four vehicles—not of each model, but in total. The Lightweight GT requires over 8000 hours to create, approximately 400 times as long as it takes to construct a compact sedan, despite starting with an entire E-Type. The hand-beaten body alone demands 2500 hours. The cost? One million dollars (including the donor car which Eagle sources for you), but that’s before you give into temptation and start speccing parts built out of unobtainium.

This car started life as a stock standard 1963 Series I Roadster of which perhaps 30 to 40 percent survives, primarily its monocoque chassis, and even that’s modified to provide torsional rigidity unknown to any E-Type in period. The entire steel body is replaced with aluminum panels that may look like those of a true Lightweight, but are unique in shape and composition, the original alloy being too fragile and vulnerable to survive daily use.

Power comes from an Eagle-modified Jaguar twin-cam straight-six, and within reason you can choose what characteristics you’d like it to have. Like the first Lightweights, the block is aluminum rather than the iron of standard E-Types, and this one displaces 4.7 liters. You can choose between fuel injection or triple Weber carburetors. This car’s owner wanted a strong mid-range but with a notable sense of the motor “coming onto the cam” as the revs rise. Its valves are big and its cam lobes sharp if not spiky, but still enough to produce 380 hp at something north of 5500 rpm.

That may not sound like much until you consider just how little work the engine has to do. When Eagle says “Lightweight,” the name means just that. The sump, hubs, wheels, bell housing, gearbox, and diff casings are all cast in magnesium. Air finds its way into the engine via a carbon-fiber intake and plenum chamber, while combusted gases are dispatched by way of an Inconel manifold and spat of out titanium exhausts. All in, this car weighs 2242 pounds, despite its owner opting for big comfortable chairs and air conditioning. I’d wager a 2000-pound car is there for the creating, if properly optioned.

When you climb aboard the Lightweight GT the ambience is nevertheless all E-Type, albeit more spacious (because Eagle has lowered the floorpan, revised the rear bulkhead and fiddled with the pedal positions to make more room). Of course, it is also incomparably better built. The car works in exactly the same way, except that the Eagle-designed gearbox has five speeds rather than four, and the steering rack is both gently power-assisted and considerably quicker than stock.

It is a supremely easy car to drive. The motor fires instantly and settles into an even, deep, and mellow idle. The clutch is progressive, the shift quality oily and mechanical. The car is so slender that he fact it has left-hand drive in a right-hand-drive country is inconsequential. There’s nothing else to learn here: we’re on the right road, and there’ll never be a better time.

Strangely, although its power-to-weight ratio dwarfs that of a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, it’s not the raw speed you notice first. It’s the chassis. Unlike the Aston Martins and Ferraris of the era, E-Types always had proper independent rear suspension and that, combined with Eagle’s structural modifications, bespoke springs, sway bar rates, revised geometry, super light wishbones, and fully adjustable Öhlins dampers get this car down a difficult road like nothing else I’ve driven. It’s not charmingly useless like an old car, nor is it welded to the road like a modern one. Because it is so light, it can afford gentle spring rates, but those Öhlins eliminate all sense of wallow and heave. The Lightweight GT breathes over the road, always maintaining its ride height, without feeling harsh.

The car’s balance and poise are magical, but its greatest gift is the confidence it inspires, enough for you to constantly want a reminder of what that inline lump of aluminum up front is supposed to do. Which is to rip the air apart in a howling blast of sound. You can feel it coming. The revs build strongly to 3000 rpm, then the exhaust note sharpens and suddenly the horizon is being pulled towards you. Happily, Eagle also fit the largest AP Racing rotors it can squeeze behind those rims. With so little car to slow, the sensation is that it loses speed even more rapidly than it accelerates.

Point to point, this Eagle would probably not be quite as quick as a modern supercar. It doesn’t have the track width, its Vredstein tires are a far cry from the chocolate semi-slicks you get on new supercars, and Eagle refuses to bolt the car to the street with solid springs. To me, these are good things.

The bad? The exhaust note is great but it drowns out the engine. Gear ratios are so high you’re doing 110 mph before you need fourth, let alone fifth gear. However, that’s how the owner wants this car. You don’t have to spec the titanium pipes and this example has the highest of four final drive ratios Eagle provides; if you want one with quarter-mile gearing, or a couple of choices in between, it’s on the menu.

I came to this car hoping that, at best, it would be an E-Type designed with the benefit of most of a lifetime’s hindsight. In truth it is something else entirely, a total reimagining of the quintessential 1960s English sports car. It is today the one thing that had never been possible back then: an E-Type whose looks write no check its engineering cannot cash in full.

Andrew Frankel for MSN, July 2020

Original Article on MSN

Our friends at Gun Hill Studios made this great short film when taking the studio shots of the Lightweight GT ready for the launch.
Alistair Charlton reviews the Eagle Lightweight GT for Forbes Magazine

The Eagle Lightweight GT is the most beautiful car of 2020, and it’s not even close.

Eagle, the British Jaguar E-Type specialist, has revealed its latest creation, called the Lightweight GT. In case you aren’t already familiar, Eagle is to the E-Type as Los Angeles-based Singer is to the Porsche 911, but produces far fewer cars.

Like a Singer 911, the new Lightweight GT isn’t merely the restoration of a classic car, but instead a thoughtful and considerate modification, or resto-mod. The car takes inspiration from the original Lightweight E-Type of 1963 – and indeed, a regular Series 1 E-Type is used as the starting point – but adds refinement.

Eagle wants the Lightweight to be seen as a car that is to the Lightweight E-Type, as the road going Jaguar XKSS was to the D-Type racer.

The result is a car with Lightweight styling cues and performance, but with the GT-style refinement of a car with a plush leather interior, a perfectly judged exhaust note, and even air conditioning. Eagle explains: “The process begins by replacing every panel with lightweight aluminum of a modern grade more suited to road use than the thin, fragile material of the original Lightweights.”

More than 2,500 hours of work goes into forming the bodywork alone, with craftsman using an English Wheel to create the car’s compact yet muscular curves.

Although still recognizably an E-Type – and thus equipped with the DNA of a car once described by Enzo Ferrari as the world’s most beautiful – the Lightweight GT is full of subtle changes. These include a deeper rear ramp angle, deeper sills (meaning a lower seating position and more headroom), and increased screen rake front and rear with bespoke glass throughout.

Larger wheel arches accommodate 16-inch peg-drive magnesium alloy wheels, styled like the Dunlop originals but with a touch more offset and a diameter one inch greater, to fit modern rubber.

Then there is the color combination of this first example. A flat blue that is somehow classical and modern at the same time, contrasted by white wheels, a tan leather interior with aluminium dashboard and wood-rimmed wheel, and that wonderfully subtle hint of a racing number rounded on the doors. It’s a nod towards the car’s racing pedigree, but respectively no more than that.

Power comes from Eagle’s own 4.7-litre evolution of Jaguar’s XK straight six engine, that was fitted in period to the E-Type, C-Type and Le Mans-winning D-Types of the 1950s. Maximum power is 380 bhp at 5,750rpm and torque peaks at 375 lb ft at 4,000rpm. Both of which are plentiful, given the car weighs just 1,017kg – and remember, this is a GT cruiser, not a stripped-out racer.

That said, although not bereft of luxury, the Lightweight GT honours its namesake thanks to the extensive use of lightweight magnesium, Iconel and titanium.

Explaining efforts to maximize comfort, Eagle says: “Working together with the seats and tyres, Eagle’s lightweight suspension, carefully specified geometry, spring rates, bushings and bespoke Ohlins adjustable dampers, ensures long distances can be completed in refreshing comfort.”

Eagle has also gone to work on improving the E-Type’s notoriously cramped cockpit. The design of the floor pan, pedal mountings and rear bulkhead have been adjusted to increase legroom, while new seats are designed with comfort, safety and support in mind. Their adjustment leavers are 3D-printed, allowing for more room than with conventional parts.

The end result is stunning, both in its aesthetic beauty but also, like Singer, Alfaholics and others, in the execution of its engineering. Eagle isn’t stating a price publicly, but given their past work a sum in the region of £800,000 is likely required before delving deeper into personal specification.

It’s a lot of money, and buying a Lightweight GT won’t get you onto the starting grid of the RAC TT Celebration at next year’s Goodwood Revival – incidentally, a race won over 20 times by Lightweight E-Types in the modern era.

But, while they are snorting, stripped-out racers, the Eagle Lightweight GT is arguably all the more desirable. It’s a Sixties racer for the road.

Alistair Charlton for Forbes Magazine, June 2020

Original article at Forbes

The new Eagle Lightweight GT is utterly exquisite
The greatest Jaguar E-type? For many that’s the Lightweight, beautiful, fast, rare and, then as now in historic racing at Goodwood, a blindingly good race car. It’s the ultimate but, with just 12 made in period and values as high as £6 million, also greatly unattainable. So why not commission your own?

That’s the offer from Eagle, the East Sussex Jaguar specialist that is to E-types what Singer is to Porsche 911s. After Eagle E-type-based hits including the Low Drag GT and Spyder GT, make room in your garage for: the Eagle Lightweight GT.

Eagle calls its new baby the most comprehensively upgraded E-type ever built, a reimagining that took 8,000 hours of hand-crafting. The result, they say and few will doubt, makes it the best an E-type can be. Eagle has spent the past three years building one, and is now ready to build more – but no more than two a year – at prices deep into six figures.

Like the other Eagle E-types going back 35 years that have established the firm’s global reputation, the Lightweight GT stays true to the “restomod” ethos and is in no way intended to be an authentic recreation of the original. Jaguar themselves did that six years ago with a run of six continuation Lightweights, newly-built but true in every detail to their famous forebears right down to using up allotted, but never previously used, Lightweight chassis numbers.

Early ‘60s original or 2014 continuation, the Lightweight was a stripped-out race car, highly focused on track but with little regard for road comforts and regular use. Noisy, brutal, exhilarating and exhausting is Eagle’s verdict. Eagle founder Henry Pearman tells us:

“We wanted to retain that special feel of a ‘60s competition car from an incredible era in British motorsport, but with the comfort, refinement and reliability that would make it an exhilarating daily driver or long-distance GT.”

So while it still looks like a Lightweight to most eyes – and to anyone’s eyes looks just plain gorgeous – it boasts some very un-Lightweight like attributes: luxury cabin, sumptuous seats, extra legroom and air-conditioning plus a not-too-shouty exhaust and not-too-unyielding ride.

“Far more challenging (than to do a pure track car) is to combine taut, sportscar dynamics with the ride quality and refinement of a world-class grand tourer,” explains Eagle’s technical director Paul Brace.

If it has a softer side its vital statistics hardly show it. The Eagle Lightweight GT lives up to its name by weighing in at an impressive 1,017kg, more than the original but not much more. This amount of mass is thrust towards the horizon by more power than the original enjoyed – 385PS – accessed by an all-synchro five-speed manual gearbox and slippery diff.

The engine is Eagle’s evolution of the Jag XK straight-six, complete with the race car’s aluminium block as well as bespoke crankshaft, pistons and con rods, along with wide-angle head with big valves and a higher lift camshaft. Triple Webers of course.

Less authentic is the engine size: it’s 4.7-litres, not 3.8. Benefit comes in the form of a flat torque curve that peaks at 508Nm (375lb ft) at 4,000 rpm. Performance? 0-60mph is said to be under 5.0 seconds with a top speed of 170mph plus.

The impressively low weight is achieved by a complete reskinning in aluminium of a Series 1 E-type roadster, the donor vehicle that forms the basis of each new Eagle Lightweight. It takes workers 2,500 hours to hammer out the signature bulges and curves of the body.

Aficionados will spot design changes over an original Lightweight that include deeper sills, enlarged wheel arches and more raked windscreens front and back. Inside, the floorpan, pedal mountings and rear bulkhead have been tweaked to increase legroom. Öhlins adjustable dampers are fitted and brakes upgraded to servoed AP Racing four-pot calipers on vented discs.

The wheels get the Eagle treatment too. They are 16-inch peg-drive magnesium alloys, modelled on the original Dunlop racing wheels and complete with aluminium three-eared spinners. As Eagle says, the wheels are – like so much of the rest of this machine – ultimate evolutions of the correct period technologies. 
All of which makes Eagle’s latest machine surely its biggest hit yet.

Bob Murray for Goodwood Road & Racing, June 2020

Read the article here:

More Eagle Lightweight GT Reviews
  • Has Eagle Become A Pioneer With The New Lightweight GT?

    "It stands apart from the Jaguar Heritage limited edition run of a few years ago – and, with the Lightweight GT, it can genuinely be argued that Eagle has become pioneers, taking the original and making it better in almost every respect, and thus, creating a road-going and super-civilised take on Jaguar’s E-Type Lightweight racer."

    Tom Hains for Petrolicious
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  • The Lightweight GT in EVO Magazine

    The Eagle Lightweight GT is the Singer of E-Types. Sussex-based manufacturer Eagle has launched its latest E-Type special, the Lightweight GT.

  • The Lightweight GT in Slashgear

    The iconic Jaguar E-Type is regarded by enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and full-blooded petrol heads as the most beautiful car ever built. Meet the Lightweight GT, the newest member of Eagle’s growing family.

  • Hagerty Media

    Is the Eagle Lightweight GT the best XKE ever? The changes are so subtle and so painstakingly executed that you’d never notice unless you had the Eagle GT and an original side-by-side. And, if you did, you’d probably pick the Eagle on looks alone.

  • Acquire Magazine

    Eagle introduces its jaw-dropping tribute to the Lightweight E-Type. There is no arguing that Jaguar's Lightweight E-Type is one of the most beautiful automobiles of all time but Eagle has somehow taken that idea and perfected it with their new Lightweight GT.

  • Top Gear

    It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Eagle, builder of exemplary E-Types like the stunning Low Drag GT. Probably because all its cars are so beautifully engineered they take an absolute age to build..

  • Auto Express

    The Eagle E-Type Lightweight GT is the most comprehensively upgraded E-Type ever built, with more than 8,000 hours of workmanship dedicated to each example.

  • Road & Track

    A modern interpretation of the 12 original Lightweights built by Jaguar in 1963, it promises to be the most beautiful, most capable, most exclusive Eagle creation yet.

  • Pistonheads

     A customer came to Eagle's HQ with a simple vision: to create the Eagle interpretation of a factory E-Type Lightweight. Which is quite a cool dream to have. The result, as you can see, is sublime.

The Eagle Lightweight GT

The buzz begins on social media as the new Eagle Lightweight GT falls into the hands of Jeremy Clarkson, Henry Catchpole and Andrew Frankel. Reviews, articles and discussions to follow in due course!


The Eagle E-Types News Feed

A collection of shorter news pieces from Eagle E-Types
So is this the ultimate E-Type? We'd go further than that: the Eagle Low Drag GT is one of the very best cars we've ever driven, period.

Octane Magazine 2016 Calendar

Testing Times

Ever since we announced the Eagle Spyder GT back earlier this year we’ve been inundated with press enquiries - and the launch at the Windsor Concours has only increased the interest!

We’re really pleased to announce that some high profile road test are coming up, including Tiff Needell for the Sunday Times and Chris Evans for the Mail on Sunday, Octane, Motor World, EVO magazine and Jaguar World. After that it’s delivery to the commissioning owner!

Ross Brawn acquires Martin Brundle's Eagle E-Type

Racing legend Ross Brawn, technical director of the championship-winning Benetton and Ferrari teams, Team Principal at Honda and owner of the Formula One Constructors and Drivers Championship winning Brawn GP team has acquired Martin Brundle's Eagle E-Type - and has been driving it in the Round Britain Coastal Drive.

The Eagle Spyder GT launches at the Windsor Concours

There was a rapturous reception to the Eagle Spyder GT, not least by the new owner who is obviously very keen to take delivery and start enjoying his E-Type. We're running through our meticulous pre-delivery road testing and shakedown procedures at the moment, but they don't have too long to wait!

Charles Morgan reviews the Eagle Speedster

Carfection spend some quality time with the Eagle Speedster and revisits the history of the Jaguar E-Type.

E-Type Club Round Britain Coastal Drive

We are looking forward to joining the E-Type Club Round Britain Coastal Drive starting at Goodwood on September 12th and finishing with a lap of the circuit 18 days later having circumnavigated the entire UK mainland!

Consisting purely of Jaguar E-Types it will be an amazing sight and should surely achieve the goal of its founder, Philip Porter, which is to raise awareness and means for Prostate Cancer UK. There are already high profile drivers and supporters on-board including Ross Brawn, Jeremy Clarkson, Martin Brundle, Brian Johnson, Lord March and Derek Bell who will be flagging us off.

Interesting and notable E-Types already attending include the original and hugely valuable ‘Lindner Nocker’ Low Drag Coupe, the Geneva launch/press coupe; ‘9600 HP’ and our own Speedster and Low Drag GT.

Further entries and support are encouraged and details can be seen here
The Eagle Spyder GT prepares for launch at the Windsor Concours

Running from the 1st to the 3rd of September 2016, this is a great opportunity to see our latest creation up close.  Discover more about the event here

Announcing the Eagle Spyder GT

Our fourth evolution of the Jaguar E-Type, after the Eagle E-Type, the Eagle Speedster and the Eagle Low Drag GT. 

With the poise and performance of the Low Drag GT and the exquisite styling of the Speedster, the Spyder GT’s raked windscreen and folding roof offer the best of both worlds – whatever the weather.

Read More

James May's Cars of the People

Two of our Jaguar E-Types feature very prominently in James May's Cars of the People, Series 2 Episode 1. 

Griff’s Great Britain features the Eagle Low Drag GT

In the third episode of the series, Griff visits the spectacular Scottish Highlands - and the Eagle Low Drag GT helps him get around with a little help from Paul Brace. It features at around the 5 minute mark if you want to get there quickly!

Eagle E-Type No.31 features in Billionaire magazine

The models Oliver Russell and Jordan Cohayney featured in the shoot for Billionaire magazine and we were pleased to provide Eagle E-Type 31 which was beautifully shot on Pevensey beach by the very talented Nick Thompson.

As well as a stunning driving experience, an Eagle E-Type also makes the ideal accessory for a high end photo shoot it seems. So if you're extremely glamorous, or just have an exquisite taste in automobiles you'll be pleased to hear that this very E-Type is currently for sale.

Success for Speedster No.3 in the Cartier Style et Luxe Concours at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

We're delighted to announce that Eagle won the 'Modern Classics' class at the Cartier 'Style et Luxe' at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Given the how enjoyable they were to use, Jaguar E-Types are seldom found today with genuine low miles. What we are offering here is even more exclusive - a fully restored Coupe to be completed by us to your specification.

Not only is this evocative coupe an authentic 16,000-mile example, but it is also a fabulous opportunity for you to select the final specification from our list of options and upgrades. While the matching numbers engine, gearbox and body have already been fully restored, the level of personalisation we can offer is limited only by your imagination. What’s more, with much of the more time-consuming phases already expertly completed, the lead-time for completion has been significantly reduced.

Discover more

Eagle Speedster No.3 on the Cartier Lawn at Goodwood Festival of Speed

We're delighted to announce that Speedster No.3 has been invited by the Goodwood Festival of Speed to stand on the Cartier Lawn for the Style et Luxe Concours.

Part of a prestigious Beverly Hills car collection, Speedster No.3 is now available for immediate delivery in 'as new' condition. A star of numerous magazine features and often featured in daily newspapers (due in part to it's high profile owner driving it in Los Angeles) , it is enhanced with the full Eagle SuperSport specification - including the thrilling 4.7 litre engine.

With only four Speedsters built, if represents a wonderful opportunity to acquire what Jeremy Clarkson described thus:

I think this, by a long way, is the most beautiful car I have ever seen.  It might actually be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Jeremy Clarkson / BBC Top Gear / June 2011

It can of course be changed to right hand drive if desired.

  • Eagle 35, the Eagle Team and delighted new owner Alain Monié at handover!

  • Eagle Low Drag GT No.2 assembly is underway...

Buy E-Types.

The latest tip from Bernie Ecclestone, F1 boss and owner of a legendary classic car collection.

A beautifully rendered 3D model of the Low Drag GT No.3, which will feature some slight alterations to the door frame shape and rear roofline.

"An almost religious experience"

Tom Ford gets to grips with the Eagle Speedster in Miami

It's difficult to précis this article, so we thought we'd accompany some of James Lipman's extraordinary photography with some of Tom's quotes. You can read the full article in this month's Top Gear Magazine which is available now.

The London Classic Car Show - a great success!

We were delighted by the success of the 1st London Classic Car Show. 

It was great to see many of our current clients, and the whole show was stacked with celebrities and us normal folk too, enjoying a wonderful selection of classic marques and some brilliant displays. Martin Brundle was kept busy with questions about his career, and his E-Type, and it was great to welcome some famous names to our stand, including James May.

Next year promises to be even bigger and better, with the floor area increasing by 50% due to demand. It's starting to look like London may have gained it's equivalent of Retromobile or the Essen Techno-Classica. We have booked our stand for 2016 already -  so we'll see you there.

I love old cars, but what else could have done that journey with nothing more dramatic than a blown light bulb?

Martin Brundle to Simon Kidston, discussing a trans-European dash in his Eagle e-type

  • Meet a racing legend - Martin Brundle at the London Classic Car Show

    Eagle will be strongly featured at the London Classic Car Show that's taking place at Excel in London between the 8th and 11th of January 2015 - with a great selection of E-Types including Martin Brundle's Eagle E-Type.

    Martin will be joining us between 5.30 and 7.30pm on the 8th, so if you want to meet a racing legend, here’s a great opportunity!

  • The Eagle Low Drag GT on Top Gear

    The Eagle Low Drag GT features in a major segment in the new series of Top Gear that starts on Sunday 8th March. We'll advise when we're sure of the transmission date of the episode it's featured in.

    We were delighted when Mr. Clarkson described our Speedster as 'the most beautiful thing I have ever seen' in a previous episode.

    Will there be further praise heaped upon us? How will The Stig lap turn out? All will be revealed so make sure you're watching!

The Eagle Speedster reviewed by John McLaren for Germanys VOX TV Auto Mobil show.

John McLaren commissioned Eagle E-Type No.1 over twenty years ago. He visited us recently in that very first Eagle - enabling a direct comparison between the very first and our latest evolutions - the Eagle Speedster.

Eagle at the London Classic Car Show

Eagle will be strongly featured at the London Classic Car Show that's taking place at EXCEL in London between the 8th and 11th January 2015.  We'll be featuring a full selection of E-Types including the Eagle E-Type, the 'one of a kind' Eagle Low Drag GT and a certain Top Gear presenters favourite car - the Eagle Speedster.

The Eagle E-Type (a 1966 4.2 Roadster) will be driving the Grand Avenue, and there will be plenty of fine examples of 'the most beautiful car ever made' you can feast your eyes on - including Martin Brundle's Eagle E-Type.

We'll see you there!

  • Eagle E-Types feature in Jaguar World

    We're delighted that Jaguar World feature Eagle twice recently, with features on Eagle 31 and it's custom automatic gearbox, and also the Eagle owned by Martin Brundle.

  • Malcolm Griffiths photoshoot for Eagle

    Malcolm Griffiths has been down to Eagle shooting our blue Eagle Speedster before it heads off to it's new home in Miami - we'll be featuring the images soon!

  • Eagle in Halycon - the Harrods Aviation magazine

    A very complimentary and in-depth feature on Eagle is in Halycon, the inflight magazine of Harrods Aviation. You can read the latest issue with the Eagle feature here.


  • Paris to Madrid Rally 2014

    Congratulations to Marc Gordon and his daughter Rosa who completed the Paris to Madrid Rally that took place between 22-25 May 2014. They drove their 1966 Series 1 4.2 and were kind enough to send us some photos of their latest adventure.

  • Fitting the Speedster screen

    Each Speedster screen is created using custom bonded glass to achieve that beautiful curved profile. When it comes to the fitting we trust our friends at JP Windshields with the precision job.

Forty years ago on the 12th of June 1974 production of the Jaguar E-Type ended and this remarkable Roadster was one of just a handful to have been built on that very day. 

The last 50 E-Type chassis were earmarked as special Commemorative editions to celebrate the model’s longevity, sales success and cultural impact. Each was identical, made with right-hand drive, with Roadster bodies and finished in a distinctive Black paintwork over Cinnamon leather. Of the 50 Commemoratives this particular example was number 45 and, as such, the sixth to last E-Type ever made.

For us at Eagle it is thoroughly exciting to be able to offer this historically important Commemorative, which is quite possibly the latest example on the open market.

Read More


  • CAR Magazine reviews the Low Drag GT

    Ben Oliver from CAR Magazine reviews the Low Drag GT and finds "Like a Lamborghini Miura, the joy of driving it comes as much from the knowledge that you're piloting that extraordinary shape through the scenery; you feel like you're performing a public service."

  • Celebrating Le Mans with Hope for Tomorrow

    On Thursday 29th May 2014, the charities Aspire and Hope for Tomorrow will be hosting a very special dinner celebrating the Le Mans 24 Hour Race - the most famous endurance race in the world - and the Eagle Speedster will be on display. 

John McLaren & Eagle on German Television

Phil Heimlich from the German television channel VOX has been over at Eagle doing a story for the popular Auto Mobil programme. They spent some time filming the workshops and showrooms but predominantly focused on British author John McLaren arriving in his car, Eagle E-Type No.1, and then test driving the Speedster as if he was a potential buyer.

John is a key fixture in the history of Eagle. When he first visited us in 1991, he owned a 'conventionally restored' E-type from elsewhere but was disappointed. He asked if we could restore him an E-Type without compromise - and upgrade it to be more reliable with increased performance. This was Eagle E-Type No.1.

  • Motorhead Magazine visit Eagle

    Norihide Tohyama and Maruo Kono are visiting Eagle from Motorhead in Japan. Maruo is the top photographer on this brilliant lifestyle & culture magazine, so we're expecting some great pictures which we'll update here as soon as we can.

  • CAR magazine video shoot

    Back to Beachy Head with Chris Chilton, the writer and presenter from CAR magazine who travelled down for the upcoming feature on the Low Drag GT. They were not as lucky with the weather as our French friends. We'll update here as soon as the feature is published.

Jean-Pierre Gagick and camera man Davide Beaucaire flew over from Paris for Automoto -the most popular motoring programme in France. See more here.

Around and about Eagle in April 2014.

  • Martin Brundle & his Eagle E-Type coupe

    We recently built racing legend and F1 commentator Martin Brundle an S1 4.2 Coupe to his personal specification and finished in Black with Tan leather. The maiden voyage was from the Silverstone Grand Prix to Italy via the Alps!

  • The Sunday Times reviews the Eagle Speedster

    Until recently the Head of MI5, Sir Jonathan Evans now writes an occasional column on classic cars for The Sunday Times. We recently went down to Brighton for the photoshoot and we'll feature his review soon.

  • The Eagle Low Drag GT to feature in CAR magazine

    We're delighted to announce that CAR magazine will shortly be running a feature on Eagle and the Low Drag GT.  We'll feature the review in detail here as soon as possible.

  • Henry Catchpole & EVO

    The stunning photography of Dean Smith works well with Mr. Catchpole's eloquence in describing the Low Drag GT. The magazine is on the shelves now and we have to say, we're thrilled with the piece. Hopefully you can see it online soon as well.

  • Heading off to the sunshine..

    Speedster No.3 is (carefully) heading off to a new home in the sun, and the ever-reliable Andrew Batt from Silver Transport is handling the delicate task. Our very own Steve Head can be seen carefully loading No.3 ready for the start of an epic journey.

  • Andrew Frankel in Autocar

    A very enthusiastic review from Andrew Frankel in Autocar reinforces yet again the amazing reaction of the motoring press to the Low Drag GT. You can read the précis here, or even better invest in a copy of Autocar for the full story.

The world of Eagle E-Types

Behind the scenes and across the world!

  • Simon Cowell buys an Eagle Lightweight Speedster

    The Bugatti Veyron has gone, and instead Mr. Cowell has opted for our Lightweight Speedster which we're sending out to the USA for him. He came down to take a look, and seems rather happy as his recent Tweet attests.

  • EVO review the Low Drag GT on film

    Henry Catchpole winds the Low Drag round the lanes of the Ashdown Forest in Sussex, and waxes rather lyrical about it's qualities. It's a great film from EVO and very much worth a watch.

  • Eagle E-Type 27 appears on Channel 4

    Featured in the Channel 4 documentary 'How to Be a Billionaire', Eagle E-Type No. 27 gets plenty of screen time. You can catch up with the programme here. And you really don't need to be a Billionaire to buy an Eagle E-Type.

An E-Type with the benefit of hindsight? Every sweeping, snarling, gorgeous inch of it.

Andrew Frankel, Autocar, March 2014

  • The assembly of Speedster No.4 begins

    The assembly of Speedster No.4 is underway - and here's a very brief taster of the colour, which we love. We'll be following the build on the site step by step.

  • Low Drag GT reviews in the national press

    The Daily Telegraph, Chris Evans for the Mail on Sunday, Chris Frankel for Autocar and Charis Whitcombe for Classic Driver...and more! Read the reviews here.

  • Ian Callum, Jaguar Design Director speaks

    "If I were to have an E-type it would have to be the Eagle Speedster - I just love that car. It’s just how I would have designed it; it taking the E-type Jaguar’s purity to a whole new level".

  • Low Drag, High Expectations

    A glimpse behind the scenes!

    As part of the amazing publicity that the Eagle Low Drag GT has generated since the launch, there's been photoshoots happening all over England. Sometimes the 'snaps' taken during a shoot are just as interesting as the final images used in magazines and websites. Here's a few to give you an insight...

  • Top Gear 'Best of British'

    The Speedster joins some splendid icons on The Mall in London. Only Top Gear could assemble such an incredible array of machinery in front of Buckingham Palace.

    We were there with the Eagle Speedster and we got some great 'behind the scenes' images that we think you'll enjoy...

  • The Low Drag GT at the St. James Concours

    The unveiling of the Low Drag GT took place at the Concours d'Elegance in St. James Park, alongside some rather special automobiles. 

    See some images from the weekend here.

  • Behind the scenes at Top Gear magazine photoshoot

    Our Low Drag GT features on the cover alongside the new Jaguar F-Type R Coupe in this months Top Gear Magazine. See the "behind-the-scenes" snaps from the two days at Dunsfold.

  • First Class - Royal Mail features the E-Type.

    We are pleased to see our earliest E-Type being used for the new set of Royal Mail stamps featuring six definitive British classic cars. It's for sale if you want to drive something immortalised by the Royal Mail.