E-Type Showroom Frequently Asked Questions

The questions we're most often asked - in one place.

What type of E-Types do you sell?

We source the very best Jaguar E-Types from across the globe, to be able to exclusively offer the ultimate selection of E-types for sale, which then also carry exclusive access to our in house developed upgrades - developed for our world famous Eagle E-Type.

The Eagle E-Type

What is an Eagle E-Type?

In addition to our fabulous range of E-Types, displayed for sale in our showrooms, we also offer the opportunity  for a client to commission us to supply and restore the ULTIMATE Jaguar E-Type. This 'car' is what we refer to as an Eagle E-Type, an original period Jaguar E-Type that is totally restored - in house - by our dedicated team of craftsmen, but at Eagle we take this process to a level undreamed of by any conventional restorers - resulting in an 18 month build time for each example we produce.

Like other restorers, we begin with a complete original car. All the key mechanical components are painstakingly reconstructed so that they are as good or better than new. These components are then mated to the restored bodyshell.

We use the latest paint and anti-corrosion techniques to guarantee a perfect, long-lasting finish. Then the wiring and many electrical parts are automatically replaced prior to the fastidious final assembly.

Can it properly be described as a Jaguar E-Type?

Absolutely. It is a Jaguar E-Type in every sense. Imagine if you could have sat down with Jaguar and ordered your E-Type to be hand-built by their top craftsmen to your precise specification using factory reliability and performance modifications and you begin to understand how the Eagle E-Type has evolved and what it represents.

How easy is it to have an Eagle serviced and maintained?

Very easy. We have a fully equipped service centre at Eagle available exclusively for Eagle clients. For clients abroad or elsewhere in the U.K., an Eagle can readily be serviced by a wide range of classic car specialists or Jaguar dealerships.

What about parts for E-Types?

There is a fantastic network of E-Type parts specialists who carry an immense range of stock, and at exceptionally modest prices. In the unlikely event of there being a problem, and exclusively for Eagle’s clients, we can immediately courier to anywhere in the world parts from our own extensive stock.

What if I live outside the U.K. and am interested in buying an E-Type?

We have many overseas clients. In fact nearly half of the owners of our Eagle E-Types live outside the UK. We are only forty minutes from Gatwick Airport and a little over an hour from Eurotunnel. Once you see a car you like and are satisfied it is worth a visit to inspect and drive the car, all you have to do is call and we will make the appropriate arrangements.

Are Eagle E-Types all about performance?

No. The original premise for launching the Eagle E-Type was to offer an E-Type that provided modern day standards of braking, handling and all-important reliability. The original E-Type without modifications was launched on the basis of being able to achieve 150 miles an hour, which is fast enough for most people. However, for those owners who do want even more spectacular performance we can provide it along with corresponding race developed braking and suspension systems.

For the same price you could buy a new Ferrari or Aston Martin, so why buy an Eagle?

We find that many enthusiasts want to own what is arguably the most beautiful car in the world, made perfect. Then there is exclusivity. You cannot simply walk in and buy an Eagle E-Type. They are individually built and numbered for each owner.

The car is now acknowledged as being as one of the world’s most desirable cars. They are classics in their own right, owned by drivers who can differentiate between the simply great and the truly glorious. And importantly, for those who worry about such things, they engender admiration not envy (See the report in Top Gear written by Quentin Willson).

Another major advantage compared with new cars is the significantly lower likely rate of depreciation for Eagle E-Types.

Do the performance upgrades compromise the comfort and usability of the cars?

No. Not even in a full SuperSport specification E-Type. Trade-offs between comfort and performance only become evident in some extreme competiton orientated modifications, if  a car is to be built to that brief.

How do I know what specification of Eagle I would want?

You meet and talk with the Eagle team. You drive our demonstrator, and if you wish, also talk to other owners. Even if you think you have a clear fix on what kind of car you would like and have it built to that specification you can always incorporate changes later, once you have had the chance to live with the car and discovered how you want to enjoy it.

How long does it take to build?

Each car takes approximately 4,200 man-hours to build. While it is being constructed you are actively encouraged to visit regularly and be closely involved with all aspects of the process.

Can I talk to an existing Eagle owner?

Yes. All have indicated they would be more than happy to speak to potential clients and, depending on circumstances, show off their cars. In fact, they are our best promoters of the car.

What is the next step for an interested potential owner?

Simply contact us and arrange a visit to Eagle. It couldn’t be easier or friendlier.

Jaguar E-Types for sale

Do you always have a full range of cars to view at your premises?

Yes. Our policy is to hold an extensive range of the very best Jaguar E-Types in stock at all times

How do I obtain your most up to date stocklist?

We update this website constantly. If you would like further details just call and we’ll talk you through any of the cars, further upgrade options and any new cars we are expecting.

So, how do we come and see the cars you have in stock?

As simple as calling 01825 830966 and making an appointment. This is to ensure Henry Pearman, or another member of the Eagle team is available and you have our undivided attention. We are not stuffy and never engage in hard sell. We are here to help guide you through the glorious world of E-Types.

Do you take other cars in part trade?

Yes. We are always happy to accommodate part exchanges, with a balance either way.

Can you explain the price differential between examples of each model?

It is exactly as you might imagine. It all depends on the model, condition, provenance, and any upgrades that have been fitted.

You offer upgrades to the cars you sell. How would I know which ones to select?

Once a client has decided on a car, together we can establish whether it would be beneficial to carry out any of Eagle’s upgrades. This will vary from model to model and client to client. Many people are used to driving modern cars and their expectations are far higher than those of 40 years ago. In fact, much of our stock has already been subject to various sympathetic improvements or upgraded during our preparation process.

Some clients are well versed in E-Types and, depending on the car itself and from their knowledge of the model, know exactly what components or parts they want to upgrade. Many rely on our advice, based on over 25 years of research and development. Others, having driven or seen how an Eagle E-Type performs, are searching for this type of excitement. They want us to replicate that level of performance and handling for their car.

Of course, you do not have to do everything at once. Take the car away and drive it for a while. Once you have spent some time with it and know what you would like to enhance or improve, then come back and discuss it with us.

Performance is one thing, but  why would I buy a ’reliability’ based upgrade?

The purpose of our upgrades is to offer the reliability and drivability associated with the cars of today, without compromising the spirit and style of the original. They provide carefree motoring and complete peace of mind, in a car that will be a source of pleasure for years to come. Remember, the E-Type is from an era where drivers lived with regular minor faults — something that would be totally unacceptable now, given the standards of reliability we have come to expect from modern cars.

For example, we offer significantly improved cooling, handling and braking systems. When it comes to electrics, we have developed petrol pumps, heater motors, ignition systems, alternators and starter motors that are far more efficient than the originals.

How easy is it to have an E-Type serviced or maintained?

Very easy. We have a fully equipped service centre at Eagle available exclusively to clients that have purchased a car from us. For those clients abroad or further away in the U.K., an E-Type is a very straightforward car to work on, either by a wide range of specialists or Jaguar dealerships. In many areas we can recommend suitable experts.

What about parts for E-Types?

No Problem! There is a superb countrywide network of E-Type parts specialists who carry an immense stock and a next day delivery service. A constant source of amazement to many is the extremely modest cost of parts for E-Types. In the unlikely event of a problem, we offer Eagle clients an exclusive service of dispatching immediately by courier anywhere in the world parts from our own extensive range of stock.

What if I live outside the U.K. and am interested in buying an E-Type?

We have many overseas clients. In fact nearly half of the owners of our Eagle E-Types live outside the U.K. We are only forty minutes from Gatwick Airport and a little over an hour from Eurotunnel. Once you see a car you like and are satisfied it is worth a visit to inspect and drive the car, all you have to do is call and we will make the appropriate arrangements.

Do you sell both left and right hand drive cars?

Yes. The E-Type was designed to be easily built as either left or right hand drive and is therefore one of the most simple cars to convert. We carry an extensive stock of original factory components and can carry out this conversion to exactly match a factory built original.

Comparing prices, why does it appear that your cars are sometimes more expensive than those in the classifieds or from certain dealers?

The E-Type market is extremely difficult to understand when simply comparing advertised asking prices. Sadly, many cars fall far short of their owners interpretation of "perfect / fully restored". The price guides quoted in classic car magazines tend to refer to cars of the average standard commonly available, and not to the exceptional specimens we specilaise in. The combination of over 25 years experience and our pre-eminent position in the E-Type world enable us to select only the very best examples for our stock.

Not only do we select the very best, we regard them as only the starting point for cars which Eagle will supply to clients.

Each car we buy is thoroughly checked and analysed before a programme is drawn up of required works to be completed before we release a car for sale.

Our objective is not to have the most cars for sale, just the best. This is a policy that pays off for all concerned.

What about purchasing a sound looking car now, and then improving it over a period?

This is fine if the car is genuinely in a sound condition. It is essential you are fully aware of exactly what you are buying. We may have this type of car as a starting point for our full preparation programme. This will often include a considerable amount of detail work (possibly remedial paint, trim work, or re-chroming). Recognizing that this type of work often appeals to certain clients, we can supply a car at this stage, having carried out our full range of mechanical preparation and rectification works, whilst leaving some detail work to the new owner to carry out as desired.

What if the quality of E-Type we would like is outside our preferred budget?

It really is a false economy to compromise on the standard of car at this stage. The cost to bring up to standard what turns out to be nothing more than a restoration project in disguise, will far exceed purchasing a better quality car in the first place, let alone the disappointment and heartache involved.

There is an option that takes advantage of a fantastic rate that we have negotiated with our finance partners which, we are confident, will allow the right quality of car required to be accessible now and cost less in the repayment schedule than constantly battling with repairs and frustration with a substandard car. Check out our finance examples or call for the very latest rate.

Another alternative is to purchase a good quality closed model that falls within your preferred budget. This allows you to obtain your desired quality E-Type immediately and also allows you to experience first hand what you may be seeking next time around with a roadster model. We are always delighted to take back in part exchange a car we have supplied, should you later wish to try a different model in the range.

Eagle claims to be the E-Type specialist, how do you substantiate this claim?

If you check where the experts go for their E-Types, the answer is always to Eagle. Jeremy Clarkson and Quentin Wilson are just two examples of journalists who feature Eagle E-Types in their programmes and articles. Take a look at the press reports on this website and you will see that The Financial Times and the Daily Telegraph both feature Eagle regularly. There are no other E-Type specialists that have achieved such respect and trust from people whose business it is to write impartially about this Jaguar model.

All dealers claim to prepare their sales cars using trained technicians in well-equipped facilities. Are you really any different from any other so-called E-Type specialist?

One answer is to speak to people who are impartial. For instance, talk to owners from our existing client base or to the various Jaguar clubs. Then there are the articles and features published about Eagle, some of which you can see on this website.

The real answer is to come and visit Eagle, meet the team, see our facilities and make your own mind up. We strongly recommend this to get a full understanding of what Eagle is all about.

What about values. If I buy an E-Type now, is it a good investment?

We would like to dissuade anyone from buying an E-Type purely on that premise, despite the fact they are currently "too far behind" their contemporary competition from Ferrari or Aston Martin!

Yes, over the past few years there has been a general increase in the value of this model. Yes, we believe they will continue to increase in the future, as the demand and recognition in their great value to acquire and run increases. Of course, certain rare and famous cars will always have a good long-term market. But we do not want to see the mad surge in prices that took place with some cars in the late eighties, just a fair differentiation reflecting the varying quality in the E-Type market.

We prefer that people acquire their E-Type for the fun and enjoyment that comes with owning a such classic car. The fact that historically they have always appreciated in value should be viewed as a bonus.