Why those who know E-Types choose Eagle.

  • Why choose Eagle?

    We believe that the process of buying your E-Type should be a pleasure and an experience to remember.

  • Our E-Type upgrades

    Every E-Type we offer for sale can benefit from upgrades originally developed for the Eagle E-Type.

  • Service & support

    We’re here to help you enjoy your E-Type both now and in the future.

  • The Eagle difference

    Far beyond what might be considered to be an 'excellent' restoration.

About Eagle E-Types

  • Our E-Type showroom

    Our selection of Eagle Prepared E-Types can be seen in our purpose-built showrooms.

  • Meet the Eagle team

    Meet the team behind Eagle, the Speedster, Low Drag GT and the Eagle E-Type.

  • The history of Eagle

    The name Eagle is synonymous the world over with Jaguar E-Types.

  • Building an Eagle

    Creating the Eagle E-Type. Over 4,000 hours of dedication shine through.

Further Information

The creamy smooth engine, snappy gearshift and tactile wood-rim steering wheel all have a deftness and precision that's at odds with the Eagle's ancient roots

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