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We offer original and restored Jaguar E-Types for sale, all prepared to our exacting standards, alongside the world famous 'zero miles' Eagle E-Type restorations and Special Editions - the Speedster, Low Drag GT, Spyder GT and the new Lightweight GT.
    Top Gear Magazine visits Eagle

    As far as driving experiences go, I don’t think that there’s anything else to touch it. Modern supercars have traded experience for speed. You want driving addiction? Here it is, a car that sings to you, not just from its engine, but every component. 

    Ollie Marriage for Top Gear
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  • Why Choose Eagle?

    We believe that the process of buying your E-Type should be a pleasure and an experience to remember.

  • E-Type Model Guide

    We take you through the evolution of the most beautiful car in the world.

  • Service & Support

    We’re here to help you enjoy your E-Type both now and in the future.

  • The Eagle Difference

    Far beyond what might be considered to be an 'excellent' restoration.


A car you drive for the sheer hell of it, get up early for, possibly just sit and look at. When you get out of something wishing you could really own it, keep it forever and hand it down to your kids. It's not quite a religious experience but it comes damn close.



What We Offer

When you only do one thing, you should ensure that you do it better than anyone else. From our very early days, we made the decision to focus purely on the E-Type, and everything we’ve done and every step we’ve taken since has been based upon ensuring we deliver exceptional results.
  • You can buy a completely original or previously restored Jaguar E-Type from our showroom.

    These E-Types are prepared for the new owner by our expert team and it is not unusual for us to have taken 500+ hours per E-Type to reach our exacting standards. Further to this, you can upgrade one of these E-Types to match your intended use and driving style.

    Once upgraded by our experts  this becomes an 'Eagle Engineered E-Type'.
  • You can commission us to restore for you a completely bespoke Eagle E-Type.

    This is the world famous 'zero mile' restoration of an original  Jaguar E-Type, carried out completely in-house here at Eagle. You select the 'donor' E-Type from us, or supply your own and the process begins from there. An Eagle E-Type can be right or left hand drive as required. 

    Once completed, this becomes one of the numbered 'Eagle E-Types'.
  • You can commission us to restore for you an Eagle E-Type Special Edition.

    These Special Editions comprise the Eagle Speedster, Eagle Low Drag GT, Eagle Spyder GT and the Eagle Lightweight GT -  all based on an original Jaguar E-Type.

    An Eagle Special Edition E-Type can be right or left hand drive as required.

Jaguar E-Type Special Editions

By Eagle E-Types

  • Eagle E-Type

    The 'zero mile' restoration of an original Jaguar E-Type, carried out completely in-house here at Eagle.

  • Eagle Speedster

    Our acclaimed homage to the spirit of the Jaguar E-Type - again created from a period original.

  • Eagle Low Drag GT

    Both a hugely capable sports car and long range continental tourer, inspired by the design genius of Malcolm Sayer.

  • Eagle Spyder GT

    The poise and performance of the Low Drag GT combine with the exquisite styling of the Speedster to offer the best of both worlds.

  • Eagle Lightweight GT

     Developed in-house as the ultimate road-going evolution of one of the world's rarest and most beautiful racing cars.

 I struggle to think of a more enjoyable car to drive or own than this. It’s sublime, a rolling sculpture with stunning road manners and chassis dexterity, that is evocative of its era and stays with you for a very long time afterwards.

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