Jaguar XKE for sale

Since our formation in 1982, we have dedicated ourselves to the bespoke 'remanufacture' restoration and engineering of a single, exceptional car - the Jaguar XKE

We are proud to be considered the worldwide leaders in Jaguar XKE restoration. We have achieved this singular feat by focusing our entire company on the development of the Eagle XKE, the most exclusive hand-built car in the world.

This process of developing and engineering the Eagle XKE has also led us to be able to offer sympathetic upgrades and preparation to the Jaguar XKE we offer for sale - all prepared to Eagle's legendary standards.

The small, dedicated team of craftsmen are all experts in their respective fields, as can be clearly seen by the care and attention to detail offered in the preparation of every Jaguar XKE that passes through our workshops.

Our aim is to offer our customers the unrivalled joy of owning a beautiful, classic Jaguar E-Type with confidence in the reliability and performance of the car.

A policy of continuous development and improvement ensures that we will continue to offer our discerning clients a range of enhancements and performance upgrades that complement the DNA of this extraordinary motor car.

Some Notable Success Stories

Eagle restored the Roy Salvadori Lightweight 86PJ - subsequently nominated as 'Restoration of the Year' at  the 2006 Stoneleigh Historic Motorcar Show

Jaguar have entrusted Eagle to look after the original launch XKE, 77RW.

The Jaguar Ex-Works Press Car, JDU 877E was restored by Eagle.

One of the oldest original E-Types, the original demonstrator 260PPO was restored by Eagle.

An Eagle XKE won the Monaco Supercar Rally, leaving modern supercars behind in the distance.

The Eagle XKE was voted 'Car of the Century' by Jeremy Clarkson of BBC's Top Gear.

So it's clear to see that whether you are considering commissioning an Eagle XKE or purchasing a Jaguar XKE from us we are the the choice of the true XKE afficionado.

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