Eagle in the  Trans America Rally

Phil Garratt and Keiron Brown drive Eagle Engineered E-Type to success on Trans America Rally.

Phil Garratt and Keiron Brown have finished second overall in the Trans America Rally.

They led the 8500 mile event for 5 days before a mishap involving a tree lost them time, pride and straight panel work down one side of their Series 2 Sport Roadster. Having slid well down the rankings at that point they then fought back over the course of the remaining 3 weeks and finished in an incredible second place overall.

The rally, organised by the Endurance Rally Association, took an exciting route South from New York in a huge clockwise arc and returned North through Canada and into Alaska for the Anchorage finish. The route took place over a huge amount of gravel roads and was extremelly gruelling on the cars and drivers and we are delighted that the Eagle prepared E-Type took the punishment succesfully.

Congratulations to Phil and Keiron!

A great selection of Gerard Browns professional images and Phil and Keirons own pics can be seen on our Facebook page.