Eagle features in Kingsman: The Golden Circle

We're delighted to announce that an E-Type from our collection will feature in the new Kingsman film. The personal transport of ‘Eggsy’, the lead character played by Taron Egerton, you can catch a tantalising glimpse of the E-Type in the official trailer at the link below.

The car itself is one we have known for 15 years and had recently re-acquired it from the owner of all those years, before performing a full and thorough refresh to be the centrepiece of our showroom. A repaint in our own version of the original Opalescent Dark Green, full Tan leather re-trim and mechanical rebuild to our GT specification make for a deeply desirable combination.

Within a week of this car's completion, as incredible good fortune and timing would have it, we received the exciting call from MARV Films to ask if we had a perfect Dark Green E-Type available for filming…