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 I struggle to think of a more enjoyable car to drive or own than this. It’s sublime, a rolling sculpture with stunning road manners and chassis dexterity, that is evocative of its era and stays with you for a very long time afterwards.

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    The Eagle Lightweight GT is the Singer of E-Types. Sussex-based manufacturer Eagle has launched its latest E-Type special, the Lightweight GT..

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    The iconic Jaguar E-Type is regarded by enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and full-blooded petrol heads as the most beautiful car ever built. Meet the Lightweight GT, the newest member of Eagle’s growing family.

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    Is the Eagle Lightweight GT the best XKE ever? The changes are so subtle and so painstakingly executed that you’d never notice unless you had the Eagle GT and an original side-by-side. And, if you did, you’d probably pick the Eagle on looks alone.

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    Eagle introduces its jaw-dropping tribute to the Lightweight E-Type. There is no arguing that Jaguar's Lightweight E-Type is one of the most beautiful automobiles of all time but Eagle has somehow taken that idea and perfected it with their new Lightweight GT.

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    It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Eagle, builder of exemplary E-Types like the stunning Low Drag GT. Probably because all its cars are so beautifully engineered they take an absolute age to build..

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    The Eagle E-Type Lightweight GT is the most comprehensively upgraded E-Type ever built, with more than 8,000 hours of workmanship dedicated to each example.

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    A modern interpretation of the 12 original Lightweights built by Jaguar in 1963, it promises to be the most beautiful, most capable, most exclusive Eagle creation yet.

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     A customer came to Eagle's HQ with a simple vision: to create the Eagle interpretation of a factory E-Type Lightweight. Which is quite a cool dream to have. The result, as you can see, is sublime.

To drive? Simply magnificent. GT3 Porsche fast, exquisitely damped, slim enough to slot through the lanes, a feast for ears and eyes alike and agile as only a car of such little mass - less even than an Alpine A110 despite its enormous engine - can be. Yet off the throttle, it is quiet and comfortable too.

Andrew Frankel for DriveNation / June 2020