Developing the Eagle Lightweight GT

Learn about how Eagle build the Lightweight GT - using the ultimate evolutions of the correct period technologies.

Here at Eagle we've dedicated ourselves to two things - delivering exceptional developments of the Jaguar E-Type and delighting our customers. Here's how we helped our client for the Lightweight GT No.1 realise his dream.
  • Specification Consultation

    Making the perfect E-Type for each customer involves planning and consultation to ensure that every detail will fulfill the brief. Their passion meets our expertise.

  • The Design Process

    Drawing the customer requirements together, the design decisions are then made and translated into the build plan for the car - from interior details through to bespoke components and beyond.

  • The Engineering Decisions

    With the first Lightweight GT, the aim was to create a powerful, comfortable tourer that maximises lightness and power to weight ratio - hand in hand with superb driving dynamics and interior comfort.

  • Eagle Innovations

    Our long history of E-Type development has led us to create the ultimate evolutions of period engineering, including our 5-speed gearbox and 4.7 litre XK engine.

  • Ensuring Maximum Lightness

    Innovative use of lightweight technologies and materials including carbon fibre, aluminium, titanium, magnesium and Inconel are used - even the battery is a high-power lithium unit to ensure maximum lightness.

  • Bodyshell

    The body is restored and hand-crafted to an astonishingly precise level of accuracy - every panel fit and curve is as good as it can possibly be made to be.

  • Integration

    Over thirty-five years of integrating modern technology and materials into the Jaguar E-Type shows in this process, where our expert team work in harmony to bring the Lightweight GT to life.

  • Creating The Interior

    Careful selection of materials helps to create the beautiful interior - including tan leather, the Alcantara roof lining, dimpled aluminium dashboard and personalised wood-rimmed steering wheel.

  • Bringing It All Together

    The final and fine details are where our team have the opportunity to demonstrate how far beyond the possible we have always aimed to go. The result is an extraordinary Jaguar E-Type ready for the open road.

  • The Testing Process

    To proudly bear our name we ensure that our expert road testers puts the E-Type through its paces - driving in a variety of conditions and passing the feedback to the engineering team for tweaks and adjustments.

  • The Final Touches

    Now the E-Type is ready for the very final touches in preparation for client handover. Our customers expect the exceptional, and we make sure that is what they get.

  • The Outcome

    The result is an E-Type that is gathering an extraordinary quantity of praise from some of the most respected motoring commentators in the world. But most importantly to us - the client is delighted.  

I came to this car hoping that, at best, it would be an E-Type designed with the benefit of most of a lifetime’s hindsight. In truth it is something else entirely, a total reimagining of the quintessential 1960s English sports car. It is today the one thing that had never been possible back then: an E-Type whose looks write no check its engineering cannot cash in full.

Andrew Frankel for MSN / JuLY 2020

Eagle is best known for mild E-type tweaks, but occasionally it makes a car that stops the world. Remember the Speedster? The most beautiful thing made in all human history? That was one of Eagle’s. And now it’s done it again.

Jeremy Clarkson / THE SUNDAY TIMES / JuLY 2020