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Featured on television around the world, including a main feature on BBC Top Gear.

The Eagle Lightweight GT

Building The World's Most Beautiful Car by Carfection
Henry Catchpole's view on the new Eagle Lightweight GT via Carfection
Our friends at Gun Hill Studios made this great short film when taking the studio shots of the Lightweight GT ready for the launch.

The Eagle Speedster

  • Fast & Furious

    The Eagle Speedster can be seen in the latest Fast & Furious released in May 2013. Filmed at the Longcross studio and on location at the old Billingsgate Market alongside the River Thames.

  • Autocar

    Andrew Frankel tested the Speedster at the Longcross proving ground for Autocar Magazine. Malcolm Griffiths captured a set of stunning moody and dramatic photographs despite the bleak winter day.

  • China and Japan

    For the first time, Eagle has been visited by Chinese journalists with features appearing in both China Auto Pictorial and Evo China. We also enjoyed very flattering coverage earlier in the year from Motorhead magazine.

  • Insider Magazine

    "If I were to have an E-type, for example, it would have to be the Eagle Speedster - I just love that car. It’s just how I would have designed it" Ian Callum, Design Director at Jaguar comments on the Speedster.

  • Forza Horizon

    After taking 4500 images of the Speedster at the studio, the game engineers have captured every feature beautifully, including incredible attention to detail on the interior.  Game players can now 'buy' and fully specify their own Speedster.

  • Jeremy Clarkson 

    The Speedster headed to the south of France for the new Clarkson DVD. The Speedster is heavily featured with some fabulous helicopter shots driving up the Gemenos hill-climb road and an interview with Eagle's Paul Brace. 

  • Top Gear

    Behind the scenes of Top Gear's "At the Movies" DVD by James May, Richard Hammond and the Eagle Speedster... oh, and some other cars... and, erm... helicopters... and jets.

  • The Sunday Times

    "Recently on Top Gear I drove something called the Eagle Speedster. It's the most special car I have ever driven. Do I need it? No. Do I want it?  More than my left leg." Jeremy Clarkson opines again...

  • Octane Magazine

    "The Speedster is one of those rare sports cars: you don't have to work it along, it simply flows as the dynamics are so capable of turning undulating  tarmac into a perfect palette for all that power. The Eagle Lightweight Speedster is a pure E-Type Jaguar - only more so."

    Robert Coucher, Octane Magazine

  • Evo Magazine

    Henry Catchpole drove Speedster No. 1 through the leafy lanes of Sussex down to the coast where he was treated to, not only a drive across the famous white cliff tops , but was able to witness a Battle of Britain recreation from the cockpit at the very same time!

    Henry also drove Speedster No. 2, the lightweight version, for another feature  more recently.

  • GQ Magazine

    Celia Walden examines the Speedster, undertakes a little modelling with top photographer, John Higginson, and writes an interesting article from a refreshing and completely different perspective to the car magazines. The fabulous images and article were in the January 2010 edition

  • Top Gear Special

    Many of our clients and friends brought their E-Types to Beachy Head to help us supply 50 E-Types to help Top Gear stage a tribute for the 50th Anniversary of the Jaguar E-Type.


The finest interpretation of the character of old with the usability of new I have ever come across. There's instant reaction to the throttle, a crash of induction and then delicious, mechanical roar.


Eagle Low Drag GT 

  • Daily Telegraph

    Chris Knapman from the Daily Telegraph keeps his nerve driving over the Ashdown Forest.

  • Mail on Sunday

    Chris Evans has some serious praise for the Low Drag GT in the Mail on Sunday.

  • Autocar

    Andrew Frankel puts the Low Drag GT through it's paces in this comprehensive review.

  • Classic Driver

    Charis Whitcombe finds lots to love in her review of the Low Drag GT.

  • Car Magazine

    Ben Oliver falls in love with the Low Drag driving the Sussex lanes.

 It doesn’t so much turn heads as threaten to snap them clean off the necks of their owners.


BBC Top Gear Jaguar E-Type Special

Behind the scenes images from the days

A magnificent celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Jaguar E-Type featured 77RW (the original Roadster driven to the Geneva Motor Show overnight to satisfy the demand for test drives from the press) and of course our Eagle Speedster, which has garnered some very positive reviews indeed, not least from Mr. Clarkson who described it thus:

I think this, by a long way, is the most beautiful car I have ever seen It might actually be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. This to me is absolute perfection. I will put my hand on my heart and say here and now I have never ever driven a car ever that I have wanted more than this one. I yearn to have it.

The classic shot of a village full of E-Types was populated by Eagle, and the giant 'E' made of E-Types was made from our E-Types and by the kindness of our customers.

The Eagle Short Films



  • Eagle E-Type Speedster - VOX Auto Mobil
  • Jaguar F-Type R & Martin Brundle's Eagle E-Type Featured