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​E-Type Model Guide

Jaguar E-Type Series 2

The Series 2 brought further refinements and changes in detail styling.

The most noticeable change was the larger ‘mouth’ at the front, open headlights without glass covers, full wrap-around bumpers and larger lamp clusters now situated below the bumpers. The interior and dashboard were also redesigned with rocker switches that met US safety regulations. New and fully reclining seats were fitted, with air conditioning (for left-hand-drive models only) and power steering becoming available as factory options.

Under the skin there were many changes that made the Series 2 the most developed and reliable of E-Type model in standard form. The larger mouth, more efficient radiator and twin electric cooling fans improved cooling, while larger front and rear calipers substantially uprated the braking performance.

The most obvious change under the bonnet was the new ‘ribbed’ cam covers that, as of late-Series 1 production, replaced the smooth & polished ones. USA-spec’ models were also de-tuned with twin Stromberg carburettors, but the UK examples retained the triple SU set up. A lower first-gear ratio was also introduced for easier pulling away at junctions. 


    Roadster:  August 1968 – October 1970

    Coupe: August 1968 – October 1970

    2 + 2: August 1968 – July 1970


    Independent suspension all round

    Servo assisted disc brakes all round

    Rack and Pinion steering



    6 cylinder DOHC

    Triple 2-inch SU carburettors (Twin Stromberg - USA)


    Length 4.45m (14ft 7in) - Roadster / Coupe 4.78m (15ft 4in) 

    Width 1.66m (5ft 6in) - All Models 

    Weight 1,270kg - Roadster / 1,295kg - Coupe / 1,435kg - 2+2

    Height 1.19m (3ft 11in) Roadster / 1.21m (4ft)  Coupe / 1.27m (4ft 2in) - 2+2



    RHD 776 Starting # 1R 1001

    LHD 7,852 Starting # 1R 7001


    RHD 1,071 Starting # 1R 20001

    LHD 3,786 Starting # 1R 25001


    RHD 1,041 Starting # 1R 35001

    LHD 4,287 Starting # 1R 40001