Jaguar E-Type Model Guide

Jaguar E-Type Model Guide - Series 3 V12

The Series 3 was a much-revised model that was introduced in June 1971 and ran through until August 1973 for the Coupe and to June 1974 for the Roadster. It was introduced to showcase the new Jaguar 5.3-litre V12 engine and is easily identified by the wider track, wider wheels and tyres, slightly flared front and rear wheel arches, and large cross-slatted front grille. The distinctive rear badge proclaims it as an E-Type V12.

The two-seater Coupe model was dropped, leaving purely the longer wheelbase 2+2 Coupe and the two-seat Roadster. Both shared the 2+2’s longer floorpan, with the Roadster utilising the extra space for a storage cubby box.

All models featured power steering as standard and used more powerful brakes and ventilated front brake discs. This is the only open E-Type model to be offered with an automatic gearbox option, which was previously only available on the 6-cylinder 2 + 2 models. 

E-Type V12 Commemorative

The final 50 RHD roadsters were built as a final edition to formally mark the end of E-Type production. Known as the E-Type Commemorative each was intended to be finished identically in Black paint and Cinnamon upholstery, but one Green car especially painted for a long-standing Jaguar collector. A choice of automatic or manual transmission was available however, with 31 cars specified with the manual ‘box.

The first of the 50 Commemoratives, chassis 1S 2823, was built on 15th May 1974 and E-Type production officially closed with the last car one month later on 12th June. A bronze plaque adorns each example, usually on the dashboard, and is inscribed with the individual chassis number and William Lyons’s signature. 


    Roadster: December 1970 – June 1974

    2 + 2 Coupe: August 1970 – August 1973


    Independent suspension all round

    Servo assisted disc brakes all round

    Rack and pinion power steering



    12 cylinder V12 SOHC

    Quad 1.75-inch Stromberg carburettors


    Length : 4.78m (15ft 5in)  - All Models

    Width: 1.66m (5ft 7in)  - All Models

    Height: 1.24m (4ft 1in) - Roadster 1.29m (4ft 3in) - 2+2

    Weight: 1,460kg - Roadster 1,498kg -2+2



    RHD 1,872 Starting # 1S 1001

    LHD 6,119 Starting # 1S 20001


    RHD 2,116 Starting # 1S 50001

    LHD 5,183 Starting # 1S 70001