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We prepare our E-Types to be used - and used for Grand Touring especially. We get no greater pleasure than seeing them doing just that. To see five competing in the Liege-Brescia-Liege Rally was a delight.

Marc Gordon, Series 1 4.2 Coupe writes:

“I have to say I was suffering from mild trepidation at the thought of taking my Eagle Engineered E-type on a near 2,500 mile historic rally through western Europe.

I shouldn’t have worried as I was joined by four other Eagle owners on the Liege/Brescia/Liege rally organized fantastically by Malcolm McKay.  The trepidation about whether the car would survive was quickly replaced by panic over the amount of navigation preparation required in order to compete successfully.

For my daughter Rosa, who is nine, and me it was our first rally experience and it turned out to be an absolutely stupendous and incredible experience, helped by the friendliness and welcome of all the competitors including Nick and Katrina Blomfield,  Ian and Dorothy Suttie, Sam and Simon Shaw and Francis and Alex Dorrian, the other Eagle owners.

The route which took us through numerous mountain passes at the same time scenic, undulating, quiet and fast as well as a beautiful stretch of smooth gravel road in Slovenia was perfectly made for our car, a dark blue 1966 Series 1 FHC. It took to the roads like it was born to them accelerating and overtaking with ease, holding the bends as if on glue and never grumbling throughout the gruelling 12 hours a day of almost continuous driving. No oil problems, no overheating , no water leaks in the torrential rain of one of the days.

So pleasurable it was addictive and Rosa and I looked forward to jumping in the car every morning and working out how to get to the next checkpoint. If you have never taken your Eagle (or a nine year old navigator) on a rally it is a must”