We offer original and restored E-Types for sale, all prepared to our exacting standards, alongside the world famous 'zero miles' Eagle E-Type restorations and Special Edition Speedster, Low Drag GT and the new Spyder GT.

  • We're delighted to announce that our very own Henry Pearman won the Personal Achievement Award for his work at Eagle over the last 35 years.

    The Historic Motoring Awards are renowned as the most prestigious in the classic automotive world, and in their 9th year were held at the 5-star Rosewood Hotel in Holborn, London. 

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    Ready for one of the finest Jaguar E-Types in the world? These are your options from Eagle.


    The finest selection of Jaguar E-Types for sale in the world today.


    We use our 30+ years of  expertise to ensure that every E-Type we sell is ready to enjoy with complete confidence.

  • Eagle E-Type

    Unlike an 'ordinary' supercar, an Eagle E-Type generates admiration rather than envy or jealousy. It's a different world. 

  • Speedster

    The Speedster has redefined what the Jaguar E-Type might have become. Every detail is developed to perfection, every line a testament to the purity of the original design.

  • Low Drag GT

    The creators of the ultimate E-Type can now offer you the ultimate Grand Tourer - bespoke, exclusive and utterly thrilling to drive.

  • Spyder GT

    With the poise and performance of the Low Drag GT and the exquisite styling of the Speedster,  the Spyder GT’s raked windscreen and folding roof offer the best of both worlds – whatever the weather.

The finest interpretation of the character of old with the usability of new I have ever come across. There's instant reaction to the throttle, a crash of induction and then delicious, mechanical roar.


  • Where others have finished - we begin.

    We use our 30+ years of  expertise to ensure that every E-Type we sell is ready to enjoy with complete confidence.

    Every E-Type is selected by our founder and undergoes a rigorous programme of examination and rectification. It is not unusual for us to spend over 750 hours preparing an E-Type that others would claim to be perfect.

    Only Eagle customers get access to our world-renowned Upgrade Programme and our Exclusive Service Plan. That's why those who know E-Types choose Eagle.

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