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It's important to understand that an E-Type supplied and fully prepared by Eagle does not compare with an example considered to be a 'very good' restoration.

Our extraordinary commitment to perfection means that the very best E-Types for sale elsewhere are merely the starting point for us. Our processes involve complete analysis and rectification of even the most minor issues without compromise. It is not unusual for us to dedicate in excess of 300 hours preparation by our leading E-Type experts, and thousands of pounds on parts to fulfil our exacting standards - and your expectations.

It appears perfectly possible to buy a 'great' E-Type for under £100,000

We know - because that's what we did with this one. And this is what we had to do to get it to the standard of an E-Type supplied by Eagle.

Cracked Chassis Frames

Our intensively detailed inspection reveals some small cracks on the 46 year old chassis frames. We need to fully dismantle, fit new chassis frames and, at the same time, repaint the bulkhead & inject all with cavity wax injection for continued long-term future protection.

Engine Oil Leak

With oil leaking from the back of the engine on to the exhaust, we need to remove and fully dismantle the engine to renew the weak asbestos rear main oil seal. We take the opportunity to strip and inspect the remainder of the engine and rebuild it, incorporating improved seals and gaskets.

Crunching Second Gear

The weak second gear synchromesh, resulting in 2nd gear crunching with a faster gear change, leads to a full strip and rebuild of the gearbox. If it's going to be an Eagle supplied E-Type, it has to drive like one.

Axle oil leak onto rear brake pads

This potential safety issue leads to us removing and stripping the rear suspension unit to rectify the faulty oil seals. We also take the opportunity to strip and completely refinish the entire unit and bring the car up to our full Eagle Sport specification at the same time.

Eagle Upgrades

We also offer some subtle upgrades that improve the ride, performance, power or handling - as each client sees fit - but we always ensure that we do not dilute the spirit of the original car.

Spot the Difference?

It may look the same from the outside, but underneath it has had hundreds of hours of expert work, making it fit to be an E-Type supplied by Eagle - one you can use and enjoy with confidence.

Eagle have more than 30 years of dedication to the E-Type - and it shows in every car that we offer for sale.