The Eagle Lightweight Speedster Specifications

The first Speedster was built as a special ‘one off’ commission for an American client who requested something even more special than our ‘usual’ bespoke Jaguar E-Type roadsters. Although initially a ‘one off’ we had such great interest in the Speedster that decided to build several more. 

It is important to note that we begin the process with an original Series 1 Jaguar E-Type and, although the transformation is dramatic, the Speedster can still be considered a genuine Jaguar E-Type.

The second Speedster we built as an extra light version and it weighs just 985 kg.

In 1963 Jaguar produced 12 all-aluminium Lightweight E-Types with aluminium engines and fuel injection for competition. They have subsequently become well known as the ‘Lightweights’. Our ‘Lightweight’ Speedster is a homage to those extraordinary cars and with an aluminium body, engine, gearbox and differential.

The Concept

All aluminium roadster with more muscular dedicated open bodywork.

Underpinning is that of our well proven Eagle E-Type Sport with 4.7 litre engine and 5 speed gearbox

Primary Bespoke Alterations

Screen is lower and more raked back with shaped wind down side glass and hidden ‘A’ posts

Deeper sills & lower floor pan increase impact of appearance and lowers driver seating position.

Rear decking is extended forwards and scalloped around seats

Rear deck extends further centrally and drops into cockpit creating a ‘waterfall’ console

Body colour sheet metal extends from waterfall, around scallops and across door tops

Console sweeps forwards through cabin and flares into centre dash as an integrated designed feature

Handbrake lever is fully hidden

Wheel track is increased and wheel arch width extended

Narrowed number plate aperture to suit USA registration plates and short UK registrations

Wide alloy spoked rims

Pure and clean body shell detailing with no seams and flush bonded fittings inc.glass.

‘Speedster’ 3 eared wheel spinners, enamel horn push and flush fitting nose and tail badging

Tailpipes are subtly frenched into boot floor

Two stage heated seats

Original 3.8 Jaguar type ‘dotted’ aluminium dash and console fascia panels

General Notes:

The Lightweight Speedster weighs 985 kg and has over 340ft/lb of torque

Technical specification can be tailored to suit any individual as per our Eagle E-types

Personal Speedster detailing can be discussed and accommodated to create total exclusivity.

Each client will choose the exact specification and colours to suit their precise wishes - the bespoke nature of the process extends through every element of each project and the tailoring undertaken by the client is an enjoyable and important part of the journey.

None of our regular steel E-Type roadsters have ever been built to the same specification because they are all bespoke - and the Speedsters will be even more individual again.

There is a myriad of detail, trim, and fittings options to choose from and we are well equipped to produce personally detailed badges etc down to the finest detail.

The result is not only visually stunning performs sensationally as well. The underpinnings are our tried and tested Eagle E-Type modifications and upgrades that we have been developing for over 20 years. The development continues to evolve today and includes increasingly impressive and ambitious things in addition to our all aluminium 4.7 litre XK engine - such as speed sensitive electric power assisted steering and a compact and aesthetically pleasing re-circulating air conditioning system. These modifications are only available to cars that we have personally built or supplied maintaining ultimate exclusivity for the Eagle client.